5 Reasons Embossed Stationery Is Better For Invitations And Thank You Letters


Whether you want custom embossed stationery for business or for personal use, you’re investing in what may be your most valuable branding tool yet.  It’s hard to deny the classic, understated appeal of embossed letterheads with matching envelopes.  Indeed, few other marketing tools have the capacity to express the kind of warmth and old-world charm in quite the same way. In an age where we are exposed to an incredible amount of white noise in our email accounts and on social media, receiving embossed stationery with a handwritten, personal message in the mail can and is often the highlight of our day.

Nowhere is this truer than with formal invitations and thank you letters. In these cases, you might not even want to use anything but custom stationery. Good stationery has been central to formal correspondence for centuries, and this still holds true today.

1.) Embossed stationery looks amazing

Embossing gives your letterhead and envelopes a powerful three-dimensional look that draws eyes while remaining subtle and understated. They’re a joy to see in the mailbox and there simply is no comparison when you hold them next to mass-produced mail pieces.

2.) It looks more valuable

Looking good isn’t everything though. A lot of the direct mail we receive looks great, but we often throw them directly into the trash. Few people, if any, will treat embossed stationery like the other mail they receive.  Embossed stationery looks much more valuable, which leads to better open rates, and more responses – exactly the things you want for invitations and thank you letters.

Engraved letter. Image from https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/handwritten-sentiments-the-gentleman/

3.) It shows sincerity

Sincere business stationery? Is such a thing possible? Absolutely. Because embossed letterhead and envelopes look more valuable, recipients are more likely to understand the sincerity behind the message. This is especially important when you’re inviting guests to important events or when you want your gratitude to ring true in a thank you note.

4.) Embossed stationery feels incredible

Send someone a letter written on embossed letterhead and they won’t be able to stop running their fingers over it. The textures of the embossed designs and the high-quality paper don’t just look good either. Studies suggest that the tactile aspect of a reading material greatly aids in retention, which is why we are far more likely to remember books on print than we are to remember the same ones on an e-reader. This memorability is exactly what you want for your thank you letters and invites.

5.) Embossed stationery can create a powerful positive impression

Apt, given that embossing is literally about creating impressions on paper. If you want to be remembered for the right reasons, using embossed envelopes and letterhead for your invitations and thank you letters is a good way to start. The elegance, value, emotional appeal, and memorability of embossed stationery shows a thoughtfulness and attention to detail that we associate with professionalism.  This makes custom embossing a particularly attractive option for corporate stationery.

Creating and maintaining positive impressions that last a lifetime takes a lot of thoughtfulness and conscientiousness. Using embossed stationery for your thank you notes, invites, and other important correspondences can make this challenge just a little bit easier.

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