Jumia Will Have A 3 Month Warranty On Its Products. What Is The Importance Of A Warranty?

warranty is a written promise by a company that, if you find a fault in something they have sold you within a certain time, they will repair it or replace it free of charge.

To attract customers and show customers that they were willing to guarantee their products, companies introduced warranties. Customers are more willing to work with companies that offer warranties on products.

The introduction of online shopping has come with its own disadvantages when it came to warranties and their validity. In every situation where there is a middleman between the company producing a product and the buyer, the issue of warranty can be a little problematic. In such cases, the client is referred back to the company which can be hectic and exhausting.

There are different types of warranties. A warranty no matter what type is advantageous to both the buyer and the seller.

  1. The client experiences peace of mind. A warranty gives the client assurance that they will not be required to spend more. Putting your money into a purchase takes a level of purpose and choice. For most products that cost enough to put a dent in your wallet, most people are afraid of purchasing them in case they don’t work. An assurance that if it doesn’t work you will get your cash back or a replacement gives ease to the purchaser.

Warranties cover certain aspects of a product. If it is a phone, for instance, the client is assured that any hardware issues are covered by the warranty. This assures them that they will not be spending any more money on the same purchase.

  1. Warranties give companies the opportunity to earn more through growth in sales. It gives the customer confidence in the products they are buying. It also shows that the seller is selling a genuine product.

Online shopping is a whole new area that we are just starting to explore. Fear of the unknown is a common hindrance to the growth of this market. To increase its credibility, JUMIA has as of this month announced their intent to offer a free, 3-month guarantee on products valued above Ksh. 1,500 on the platform. This will be in addition to the warranty offered by the companies.

The Guarantee will cover products with manufacturing defects, dead on arrival, counterfeit or wrong items delivered. It, however, excludes consumer goods, beauty & fashion items. JUMIA will take direct responsibility for any unsatisfactory products, and offer customers an immediate replacement or refund.

This move is attributed to an ongoing campaign to improve trust in online shopping, which is supporting the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry in Kenya, currently valued at Ksh. 4.3 billion. While Jumia Guarantee will be free to customers & benefits vendors on the platform, selling conditions are expected to get stricter. Vendors will increasingly be barred or fined if they sell sub-standard products on the platform.

The guarantee ensures they collect the item, do a quality check, and makes an immediate decision. Jumia will continue to offer a free 7-day return policy, allowing customers to return products to Jumia (in a re-saleable, sealed condition).

The announcement comes ahead of the Jumia Anniversary” campaign celebrating 6 years of operations. The campaign will feature over 1.5 million deals for customers at up to 60% off from July 16th till 29th July.

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