Factors To Consider While Choosing Locations For A Photo Shoot


Photography is an art if done the right way. Photos express emotions, memories, situations, feelings and so many other things all at the same time so it is important that it is done the best way it can. Photographers take a lot into consideration many things before choosing the location for a shoot.

Each photographer has their own chosen procedure on how to select locations. I had a discussion with an upcoming photographer from Embu named Kamau who best describes himself as photo poetic @_.k.a.m.a.u._ on Instagram and he was kind enough to share some of his tips.

The personality of a person.  It is easier to express what you intend if the person being photographed agrees with the area in which the photography is taking place. It’s important to consider the personality of the person being photographed before choosing a location. Introverts shoot best in secluded areas while extroverts shoot best in places where there are people. It is advisable to shoot at a person’s “safe zone” this allows for a comfortable and confident shoot. This will allow maximum expression.


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The story you want to tell. Most photographers tell a story with their photos so the location in which the shoot takes place contributes to how effectively you tell your story. It is thus important to have a clear picture of which story you want to tell. For personal photography, you can tell your photographer why you chose that particular time to have a shoot. This helps them develop a story.

Lighting. It is advisable to use natural lighting as it is more flattering in photos. Depending on the time of the shoot, you might result in taking other alternatives. Ensure that the lighting is as natural as possible. You may use mixed colour lighting depending on how they flatter the skin complexion of the person being photographed.

Access. Most photoshoots that take place in open areas are bound to get interruptions. The human interaction you want your story to tell determines the accessibility of a location. If the location of the shoot is too open it may not be convenient. Privacy is also important depending on which kind of shoot is.

Permits. In places like Nairobi, filming in outdoor spaces is not allowed without permits. Ensure that you have the necessary documents before you go on a shoot to avoid a run-in with law enforcers. Nowadays you can do some photography in the middle of CBD on Sundays so consider using that day to take your pictures (please confirm that this is still the case before you do this).

How captivating are the visuals? The nature of the human mind is that it gets drawn to attractive things. The location you chose should have some intriguing factor to draw attention to your work especially if it is environmental photography.

Outfits should correspond with the location and the story to be told. You should consider the dressing to be worn to avoid clashing with the background. Every aspect of a shoot contributes to the location you select.

The location should be a decision made by the photographer and the person being photographed to ensure mutual understanding and agreement. The more comfortable a person is the more successful a photoshoot will be.

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