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If you are anything like me, you will end up using a product the same way it was introduced to you for years on end. Aluminium foil is mostly used to cover food or to cover a baking tray so that food does not get stuff to the tray. For me, I always knew that foil is used to cover pilau after it has cooked. The essence of this is usually to provide an ‘oven like environment for further cooking. All along I knew that is what it was meant for. Most people walk past the foil at the supermarket and when they buy it, it is rarely put to good use.

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Aluminium foil has more than one use. You may know two, or three there are, however, more and interesting ways you can use your foil. Some of which are;

  1. Avoid messes. Children eating ice-cream cones are usually messy. Help yourself by helping your child avoid dripping messy snacks on their clothes and furniture. Wrap the bottom of the ice cream cone with a piece of aluminium foil before handing it to them. You can also do this for watermelon.
  2. Helps you polish your utensils (silver). For all of you that have been asking where the chemistry you learnt in high school is applicable, well, it will help you understand this process. Line a pan with a sheet of aluminium foil, fill it with water and add two or three spoonfuls of salt add your dull silver into the solution and let them soak for five minutes then rinse them off. The silver will come out sparking. This is made possible by ion exchange.
  3. Sharpening dull scissors. Fold your foil into several layers and start cutting. Cut about ten times. Your scissors will be as sharp as they were when they were new.
  4. Moving heavy furniture. Reorganizing your house can be a cumbersome process. The idea of all that heavy furniture that needs to be moved so you can restructure the look of your house more often than not leads us to change our minds about re-organizing. Next time you want to move something without calling for help, place small pieces of aluminium foil under the legs. The dull side of the foil is more slippery than the shiny side, place it facing the floor. Problem solved.
  5. Makes an awesome cleaning buddy. Doing dishes is sometimes made difficult by food items that get stuck at the bottom of the pan. In many cases, people use a spoon to scrub off the tough particles but this can damage your sufurias. Cramp up a piece of aluminium foil and scrub away.
  6. Baking. Foil wrapped over the crust of pies protects them from burning. Cover them at the beginning of the process and remove it halfway. You can design the foil to look like special shape baking dishes for the complicated cake designs.
  7. Covering surfaces during painting. There are parts of the house that are complicated to paint. For instance, if you want to paint a doorknob a different colour from the door you can cover the knob with a foil and paint away.

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