Fashion: Different Ways You Can Glam Up Your Little Black Dress


Some outfits are automatically must-haves. Most women have a little, black dress that is usually their go to for functions. A black dress is easy to wear and it complements different body sizes, whether it is an A-line, skater, maxi, or body hugger. Whatever tickles your fancy, wearing the same outfit the same way tends to get boring.

Your go-to black dress does not have to feel normal or boring, there are several ways in which you can pimp it up to make seem like a whole new outfit every time you wear it. The next time you dare to be bold and experiment with your outfit, here are a few pointers to consider.

A scarf is a simply way of changing the look of your dress, but how you tie it makes all the difference. The most important tool in this process is a pin; you will need many of them to hold the scarf down to the dress.

If you have a fabric that was left after the last time you made that kitenge and you often wonder how it can be used, do not fret. African print tends to bring life to your outfit. No matter how it is worn, thanks to its lively nature, it will give your black dress an all different look.  The fabric can be tied to your waist all around, or you can come up with patterns, be creative and pin it to the dress.

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Different fabrics of different colours can also be used to make your black dress look like a whole other outfit. For those who are daring and bold, you can mix fabric by twisting them together or combining them by braiding together to form a pattern that best suits your needs. The product of your combination is then pinned to the dress.

A simple ornament, especially a necklace, can change the look you are wearing. Statement necklaces should be your go-to in such situations, but for those who do not love too much flair, a simple necklace with colours contrasting from the dullness of the dress will work the same magic. For long-sleeved black dresses, bangles also pimp up your outfit.

For cold days, you can wear a coloured blazer depending on what you want. It could be neon blue, pink, orange, or purple. The colour you pick should be comfortable for you. Most of these colours are too shouting yet in essence for someone wearing black, you may not care much about attention.

Shawls of different colours that are big enough to go around your frame are also used with black dresses. Tie a belt around the shawl at the waist to ensure that it does not come off as you walk. The belt will only be visible from the front of the shawl.

The braided fabric and the kitenge can be placed on the waist, high or low depending on preference. It can also be tied around the neckline area. The thing about being creative is that you have the freedom to do as you wish. Have fun.

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