Review: The Swahili Facial Massage At The Mirror Mirror Salon Is Something You Should Definitely Try

I am one of those people who used to have fantastic skin without any issues like pimples or acne. But now that I am my 30s my skin has started betraying me. I have started experiencing what is called adult acne and I hate it. The acne seems to be around the chin area and nowadays I have to be really careful about getting breakouts because sometimes they break out after eating certain foods and sometime during my menstrual circle.
So when Mirror Mirror Salon told me about their Swahili Facial Massage and asked me to try it I was willing to go try it and see if it would sort out my face for a few weeks. According to Mirror Mirror Salon, the Swahili Facial Massage an all natural based facial procedure that has healed so many skin care issues for lots of women.
I was told the procedure would take around 1 1/2 hour and so I went ready for anything. I had booked an appointment and when I got there I was put into the able hands of Lucy. After changing into a robe I was ready to go. The Swahili Facial Massage uses natural ingredients like lemon, honey, avocado, turmeric and rose water so first I watched Lucy mixing some of the ingredients.
This was how I looked before.
The first step was lemon and honey. This is used to clean the skin, and remove toxins. It also causes the pores not to close.
The second step was the scrub. This used sand from the coast, honey and avocado to remove the dead skin.
After that, I went through a steaming session with water that had lemons.  The steaming took about 10-15 minutes. after this, I went through a manual extraction to take care of clogged pores. This was a bit painful.
After this, my skin was toned with some apple cider vinegar. Then a mask of turmeric and rose water was put on my face and massaged in. I stayed with the mask for almost 20 minutes while it dried.
Once it dried my face was cleaned again. Then I got a face massage with peppermint oil for around 10 minutes. Afterwards, most of the oil was wiped off.
After the process the skin on my face felt much softer, it also looked a bit lighter and it was glowing.
The whole process was very relaxing and I felt relaxed after having the facial. I have to say that after 2 days my skin broke out, there was a pimple that was already inflamed before and it seems the process brought everything to the surface. After that, I also got another breakout pimple. After that, my skin seems to have cleared up completely. Breakouts after a facial are not something to be scared of, because the impurities deep within your pores are being pulled to the surface you might break out hours or days after treatment. This means that if you have a big event a couple of days away don’t do an intensive facial in the next week. Make sure you do it around 2 weeks before just to be sure there are no breakouts just before your event.
The Swahili Facial Massage was fantastic and I would recommend you try it at least once. One session goes for Ksh. 2500. To see the best benefits for your face Lucy recommends that you do a session every three weeks and have 6 sessions. What I liked about it is was the fact that it used natural ingredients and the fact that my skin did not react to anything that was used. I also like the fact that 2 weeks later I haven’t had another breakout of adult acne.
The Mirror Mirror Salon is located on Woodvale Groove, Bandari Plaza, Mezzanine 2.
Check out the video of the process by NTV – The Swahili Facial Massage.

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