The Singlehood Series: When He Got Game But He Is Broke


Why are the best lovers broke?

This is a question that keeps me awake and from a chat with my girls, I am not the only one asking this question. Ladies, have you ever had a romantic lover, a gymnast in bed, a whole lot of PDA in the streets but he has a hole in the wallet? What happens? Can’t we just get it all?


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If your significant other has a hole in the wallet and still needs help in bed, sister, you are in more trouble than the average girl reading this piece. Move along to the next article. Lol!

Back to the broke but excellent lovers. These guys will live hand to mouth,  try to holla at you from the passenger’s side of their friend’s ride, will always be a +1 to some guy at a party but he will always get the women.

How do you spot them?

These guys know how to dress well too.  Too much time to run through GQ magazines for male fashion. You can never suspect they are broke when you look at them. They smell good. I still suspect they wait for hand me downs from their rich friends. They know their drink and almost all the fancy places in this town. Again, this is from having good friends.

Now, these chaps know that the only thing they can bring to the table is lip service and a good game. They have the best lines to make a girl blush. I have to admit, at my age, I cannot remember the last time I blushed. These guys have learned the art.

They will do simple things to make you excited. Pick a five hundred bob bouquet of roses from City market and have them delivered to your office. Baaaas, once your female colleagues start saying you bagged yourself a romantic man, it gets to your head and you start believing. Stop it!

Mr. Broke has experience in bed. He can do things that an average man will not. Things you hear your friends talk about. Things that make your toes curl when you think about them. You know what, he has time to do his research, watch stuff, experiment with girls around and by the time he gets to you, he has a PhD in pleasing a woman in bed. Have you ever tried explaining good sex to your friend then words fail you and the only thing you can tell them is ‘ I wish I can give him to you for one night!’

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These guys know that game is the only thing they can bring to the table. That’s their hustle. They take it seriously. They will find more ways to please you and you will find yourself paying for the drinks and the dinners.  Then he will start asking for some loose 2K. At that point, you are so dickmatised, you don’t think lending your man 2k is a big deal. It never is till he asks for 5K without settling the 2K. By this time, he is spending the weekends at your place, cleaning out your fridge and waiting for you to clean after him.

Come Monday morning, after a night of him doing what he does best, you leave him in bed as you head to work and this is the time you call yourself for a meeting and start asking questions. How far can you go for good sex? Are you giving more than you are receiving? After all, it is just sex. Oh wait; this is a different kind of sex! Does he fit in my future plans? If I leave him, do I go back to the average sex life with a man of great vision?

By the time you get to work, he has sent a message ‘I cannot wait to have you back in my arms tonight’ Aaaargh, forget the man with a vision, you cannot wait for the evening too.


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***The Singlehood series a collection of real-life stories and opinions from different women. It looks at the current world of dating in Africa and experiences that ladies have gone through. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of

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