Campus Diary: Love And Drugs Do Not Go Together


The first day of the semester is always the hardest to show up for, this was no different. The class only had five students out of forty and the lecturer was late which meant more people were likely to leave. Jeff sat next to me and he was as handsome as ever, we were catching up about our Christmas holiday, how we made merry and how we missed each other.

After a few minutes he said he had to leave, he needed to refuel, he said as he walked out of class. He had no car, it was usually his code for getting high, I was left to attend classes and as was my duty, I was to copy notes for both of us, what kind of slavery was this! On that particular day, we got a new lecturer and he was newsworthy so as I walked home, I passed by Jeff’s place. I had to be the one to tell him.

“Hey Kev, is Jeff around?” I asked his roommate who opened the door when I knocked.

“He’s at Zippy’s! They are getting high,” Kev said, “Let’s go, I am going there too.”

Jeff was spending some awful amount of time at Zippy’s and it was beginning to bother me but I couldn’t tell him. She lived in the same building, we knocked and Jeff opened the door shirtless. My chest tightened, I wasn’t sure why I was always attracted to such guys.

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“Babe, we are getting high come in, though I know you are a church girl and you don’t smoke, just come in.”

“Why is your shirt off though? Is that like something you do when smoking? Why are you showing your abs to the world?”  I asked trying to make a laugh out of it. I was really bothered. Being cool was not my greatest trait so I always felt threatened by his smoker friends. He laughed off my question and kissed me on the cheek. He sat on the bed, rolled a few weed cigars to smoke and the three of them smoked all of them.

Have you ever been in a room with people and you just sit where you are wondering why you are here? I had such a moment at that particular time, I could hardly breathe. To make matters worse, all the windows were locked and the room was basically a hot box.

“I need to go,” I whispered to Jeff. Jeff rose from his seat of business and walked me out. He was pissed that I interrupted time to get high.

“You are such a buzz kill sometimes! Just because you don’t smoke doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. What is wrong?” He half yelled, half asked annoyed beyond words.

“Ooh, okay, bye.” I almost cried as I walked home, I had the right to make decisions about my life. Being in campus and hanging out with people who smoked weed, went out for raves and slept around didn’t mean I had to. My life choices didn’t make me better than anyone else, we all made decisions based on what we wanted for ourselves, no one was perfect. Why would he judge me so harshly?

Before I got to my place, my phone rang. I didn’t even check the caller id.


“Babe, babe,” Jeff said.

I checked the caller id, it was unknown.  “What do you want?” I was tired and hurt, I had no time for this.

“The police came after you left, I need you to send me Ksh. 5000 so we are not arrested.” He whispered.

“Did you say we? Okay, I will see what I can do” I said. I whispered a thanksgiving prayer as I walked to my house. I was just slightly bothered by his situation but he needed to feel the consequences of his actions. I would only bail them out the next day or the day after that, I was kind but I  wasn’t going to be treated like a doormat. I would take my time with paying the money, if I would pay it at all. I was done with Jeff and his weed issues.


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