Book Review: Tears Of A Pen By Qui Qarre


“But there was light in the room

So when the curtains fell

Her scars were exposed…”

The above is just one of my favourite snippets from this book. There are many, countless even, to choose from. ‘Tears of the pen’ is a short poetry book where the author lets you see her. Insecurities, the past traumas, her childhood are some of the themes covered. She starts with a heartbreaking point and ends with self-awareness but between the pages, there is laughter, questions, choices, loss, pain, and love.

The book has the heart of an old soul who has lived without ageing. We all love books that showcase bits of ourselves in them and you will see yourself in it because of the diversity it possesses in it. The light humour might escape you if you read the book only once because by the last page you realize she was telling stories in a particular sequence and the poem before might not be related to the next but it sure is a buildup.

Poetry is more often than not deeply personal and through this book, one realizes that even though we are different, at some point we have all been struggling with the same things and Qui wears her heart on the sleeves for this. She has a subtle way of letting you know that you are not alone and that somehow; everything has a way of coming full circle. On reading it, you get to know that it is not a cry for help rather a collection of someone’s past, present, and a hopeful future.

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If you don’t read this book for any other reason, I hope you read it because it is a short read. My e-book version is only 58 pages long with a font, kind to the eye. Young Kenyan artists are taking the risks and Tears of the pen is a clear indicator of that. The candidness and rawness have a way of validating our own personal experiences and what a better way to end a week. Read it once and the second time invites a bottle of wine and just like that, your 2018 reading list grows.

To get the book either in soft or hard copy visit and order your copy directly through the website or through any of her social media platforms.

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