Things To Do On A Girls’ Night In


We love to get together with our girlfriends, drink some wine and mostly gossip about who is dating who. This is usually the main reason why we meet our friends which, to be honest, is the best part. I recently slept over at one of my girlfriend’s place who was hosting us for a housewarming girls’ night which turned out to be an awakening night. As Beyoncé says, “There’s nothing like a conversation with my girlfriends.”

What are some of the things you can do on a girls night in?

  1. Have an art session

Painting can be both a fun and relaxing activity that your girls can indulge in while still sipping on some bubbly and talking about the usual. For those who feel like they are not good at painting or drawing, there is an abundance of painting tutorials on both Instagram and YouTube with easy to follow instructions. Besides, making random doodles on a canvas is also a form of art. Additionally, painting has been linked to reduce stress in adults as it is a form of meditation and expression. In cities like New York, the sip and paint concept is quite popular if you need activities for a girls night in. You can also learn to do some crafts – crocheting, for instance, has come back with a bang and this might be just what you guys need to learn.

  1. Binge watch cheesy chick flicks

It can be physically draining to suppress emotions on a daily basis. Therefore, when the opportunity presents itself, it’s good to have a good cry or laugh even if it is for no reason whatsoever. That is what chick flicks are for. Chick flicks are carefully written movies with the intention to appeal to the love emotion. While it can get boring or pointless to watch more than two of these movies alone, there is nothing more satisfying than cosying up and watching chick flicks all night with a group of girlfriends. Some of the popular chick flicks include The Notebook, 13 Going On 30, Pretty Woman, Magic Mike, How To Be Single and Girls’ Trip. If you like Nigerian movies, there are some great romantic comedies and series you should check out – 9 Nigerian Movies And Series You Will Love On Showmax

  1. Give Makeovers

Girls’ nights are a safe space where anything said shall not be held against you. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to call out someone that has had the same hairstyle for the past year.  Every group has that one stylish friend who we take on all our shopping sprees and even if yours does not have, you can always get some ideas from Pinterest. Makeovers can range from outfits to makeup tips. It is also a good opportunity to introduce your friends to beauty products that work for you. There is nothing better than a girl group that looks put together. Here are 6 Makeup Trends You Should Try For A Different Look


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  1. Share fond memories

Storytelling is a good way to liven up the mood. Once everyone is friendly enough, you can talk about life experiences, past relationships or even teenage drama. This is a fun way to learn more about each other and nothing beats a good story. You will be surprised at how much we have in common with each other.

  1. Try New Recipes

There is an endless list of quick, easy recipes online that are great for a night in. It is both a learning experience and a bonding moment amongst your friend group. You can also create some interesting cocktails like Famous Grouse cocktails you can make at home

Remember to keep your phones aside so as to make the experience wholesome and inclusive.

Girls night in are also a great chance to play some games and have some fun. Check out these 5 Interesting Party Games You Should Try Out

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