Fashion: How To Stay Warm And Still Look Stylish

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Fashion icons such as Blake Lively manage to steal the show come rain or shine. How do they do it, you ask. They dress appropriately for any occasion. It might be tedious to shop for every season so thank God we only have two seasons in Kenya; that is rainy or sunny. I attended an event back in April where the organizers were gracious enough to consider the weather while planning. They had men in umbrellas ready to escort guests into the venue and carpet all around. However, most of us chose to wear floor-sweeping dresses which were muddy by the end of the night or strappy heels which were a struggle to walk in.

Hopefully, you will not make the same mistakes by trying these simple but trendy looks.


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  1. Crop hoodies/sweaters

Most people will argue against crop hoodies or distressed clothes saying that they beat the purpose intended. However, a crop hoodie worn with jeans or sweatpants and a pair of Converse or ankle boots are a chic street look for the ultimate fashionista. It looks good while running errands or a casual date with some friends. To add on to the look, you can customize a plain crop hoodie with quotes or cool designs. Crop sweaters are a more sophisticated look.


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  1. Turtleneck midi dresses

A midi dress compliments a well-toned physique and is great for brunch, a casual office look, a dinner date or a night out. The modified turtleneck midi dress provides a great dressy option for the cold weather. It can be worn as a short party dress or a knee-length dress for more formal occasions. Turtleneck midi dresses also come in a variety of long sleeves or sleeveless. For the sleeveless, you can wear it with a blazer or a denim jacket. Therefore, is no reason to avoid dresses.

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  1. Head wraps/scarves

As a fashion rule, you need at least three headscarves in your closet. Not only does it save a bad hair day, they are an eye-catching look to a rather plain outfit. It is also a chic substitute to a beanie or a hat. Head wraps can take a plain t-shirt and jeans look from boring to popping and come in a variety of Ankara designs making them a unique, must-have piece. There are also options for readily tied head wraps in case you are not gifted in designs. However, it is not rocket science and there are numerous tutorials on how to tie a head wrap.

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  1. Leather Gloves

You can never go wrong in leather unless it is thirty degrees outside. Leather is a classy cold weather accessory. Contrary to some belief, there are different kinds of leather. There is soft leather, hard leather, and vintage leather which also vary in prices. Therefore, you have a range of selection that suit both your personal style and pocket.

Leather gloves was popularized by bikers who are let’s be honest, are cool. They wear leather because of its durability against harsh conditions. However, fashion houses like  Chanel have borrowed and modified the leather gloves look to fit every cool girl.

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  1. Trench coats

This is another trend that was popularized by the bad boys in movies. From Bond villains to Russian spies, the trench coat is a timeless fashion trend that has never lost its cool. Whether it is worn as a show stopping red carpet dress as Priyanka Chopra’s look on the 2017 Met Gala or worn as a cover up over an outfit, trench coats are an absolute win endorsed by many fashion icons.

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