Relationships: How To Travel With A Big Family


Travelling with a big family can be its own version of hell if not handled well. Coming from a big family myself, I know that even something as simple as getting ready to get to church takes hours of preparation ( and we rarely get there on time).

So what should you do when you want to take the family on a road trip?

1. Plan, plan, plan

Leaving things until the last minute is asking for disaster when it comes to a large family. You should start planning for your trip at least a week in advance. That gives you time to sort out everyone’s clothes, find missing shoes (trust me, there are ALWAYS missing shoes), sort out any disputes about who gets to wear what and divide up the responsibilities. The ideal setup is that you are all set to go two days before the actual event. Know exactly where you’re going and have an itemized itinerary, whenever possible, during the trip to avoid nasty surprises on the way and to make the best use of your time.

2. Let everyone chip in

It may seem obvious, but this is a step that is sometimes overlooked when one family member feels like they can shoulder the whole burden. It is best to get everyone in the family involved in planning the trip from start to finish as each member will feel a personal responsibility to make sure that the trip is a success. This is also the best way to find out what everyone thinks or if anyone is opposed to going for the trip.


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3. Snacks and medicine

Even if you’re guaranteed food when you get there, always have some edibles and water with you for the trip. It could be each person favourite snack but stay away from fatty foods as these may trigger motion sickness. Always ensure you have antacids and sweets, just in case. Health: Things to consider before you travel

4. Games

Road trips can be fun, but when you’re in a big family they can also get loud and annoying. Playing simple games helps keep everyone distracted and the younger children from asking the dreaded, ‘Are we there yet?’ questions.

5. Make memories

Things may not always go according to plan but always make sure you have a camera to help you remember and keep the memories. Travel: 18 Tips For Taking Great Holiday Photos


1. Don’t leave anyone behind

Speaking from experience, and also from watching Home Alone movies, I know how easy it can be to lose count and leave one or two family members behind. Establish a buddy system within the family so that everyone is looking out for someone and it will be easy to keep track of everything.

2. Don’t forget to have fun

It may be crazy trying to keep everyone busy and on the same page, but make having fun a priority.

With a large family, a road trip is a perfect opportunity to create new family memories and rediscover all the beautiful and fun things you love about each other.

Here are some Safety Tips For When Your Children Have To Travel Alone

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