Career Progression: 10 Skills You’ll Need To Thrive In 2020 – Infographic


It is without a doubt that no industry is safe from tech disruption and with artificial intelligence becoming prevalent one cannot help but wonder if there will be a time that human employees will be completely irrelevant. Human beings cannot be entirely replaced by machines but we have seen through history that corporations now require fewer employees than they did a few years ago as computers have taken over.

Kenya has been marked and named the cradle of ICT in Africa. That means that in a few years, all sectors will be fully disrupted. All the revolutions we have witnessed were disruptive and the anticipated fourth revolution will not spare the young economies like Kenya.

Technology has transformed how everything is done in Kenya from businesses to the government and even our daily lives.  Human resource departments will hire differently when the fourth revolution happens as there will be new fields and traits that will be the selling point for future employees. Our curriculum as a country needs to be adjusted to incorporate the new skills required for the future labour force.  These skills are required for the smooth transition into the fourth industrial revolution otherwise companies will become extinct and employees becoming irrelevant.

One of every employee’s goals is to remain relevant and mostly this means that your skills are needed by the employer and cannot be replaced. In a highly capitalistic world, employees are disposable and with the increasing rate of unemployment even the chances of securing employment dwindles.

A study by the World Economic Forum has shown that 5 million jobs will be lost by 2020. In order to ensure that your position at work is safe, the below are the skills you will be required to have in order to survive in the future.

Skills of the Future - 10 Skills You'll Need to Thrive in 2020 Infographic
Skills for the future. Infographic courtesy of

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