Career Tips: How To Fast Track Your Way To A Job Promotion


We are all struggling to meet both ends in this country. Some of us are surviving pay cheque to pay cheque and others are caught in the debt cycle where you borrow to settle your previous loan then borrow to settle for your next. One of the benefits of a promotion is that it comes with more income which translates to a higher disposable income which we can all use.

On the other hand, getting a promotion is a daunting task because of the competitive external and internal pool of employee choices. It is hard enough that one has to be the best amongst the internal prospective employees but it is another when the post you have been eyeing is opened to the public. Here you have to endlessly prove that the job belongs to you and one has to be exceptional in order to be viable for the option. There is a lot of networking involved, your resume has to be top notch and let us not forget your perfect track record and recommendations.


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The corporate life is not for the fainthearted and nothing is handed to you miraculously (unless of course, your last name speaks for itself). Getting a promotion is definitely more than your papers but they certainly do play a crucial role to play and it is also more than the industry you are in although high growth industries will get you easily promoted.

Ultimately, the advancement in career is the desire for anyone in the corporate world as nobody wants to feel stagnant or underutilized. Do you wonder what could land you that promotion? Are you wondering how to make yourself more visible? Then there are some ways to fast track that promotion, check out the tips in this infographic and article on how to fast track your way to a promotion.


Infographic - How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion
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