Careers: How Power Dressing Can Help You Move Up – An Infographic


Is your dressing affecting your career? You may not think so but it might make the difference between getting a promotion faster or being respected more.

Yes. How you dress does affect your chances of moving up the career ladder and staying there while moving higher. It is true that your wardrobe choice is not an indicator of how good/bad you are at your job but we don’t live in a vacuum. Your bosses and colleagues will definitely draw a few conclusions about you based on your dress choices.

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It is such a shame to come to the realization that maybe you are not getting promoted because of your wrinkled clothes or the choice of your shoes or worse yet, the fit of your suit. Haven’t we all heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want not the one you have?” Again the impressions you make create a perception of you and like it or not you are judged first judged by your look because at a glance we cannot tell how smart you are but we can guess if you look like it.  Also, we cannot tell how creative you are but we sure can interpret it from your choice of clothing.

Here is why you should dress up.


Clothes and Career by Guthrie Jensen. Infographic courtesy of

How should you dress up professionally?

Hopefully, I have convinced you to dress up and you are probably wondering then what next. Business spaces require professional behaviour and there is certainly the means to look like it and act like it. Additionally, most corporations have a dress code and hence people are limited to what they can wear however most of us still struggle with what is what.

There are various forms of workplaces and majorly 4 forms of dressing are expected in any or all at different times and they are: business professional, smart casual, business casual, and finally what I believe we are all skilled at is casual wear. Here are the acceptable ways to rock all these styles at your workplace, of course, one has to respect the workplace policy.

Clothes have a huge impact on many of our careers. There is a chance that you have the right wear but can it be classified as power dressing?  Do you know how important power dressing is? In your quest to get that promotion or be taken seriously, you should do your part so that you are taken seriously.

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