Product Review: Nivea’s Care Soaps Feel Like Luxury On A Budget


Nivea has been in the cosmetic business for decades producing quality beauty products. Two years ago, it added a line of care soaps to their portfolio and I have exclusively used their soap ever since.

The soap is made up of a variety of ingredients. However, milk is their main ingredient as is with Nivea’s lotions. The addition of milk to the soap makes it stand out from the rest of the market. It is important to note that it is a combination of chemicals that give it a silky texture and not literal milk otherwise the product would cost an arm and a leg. The benefits of these ingredients is that they leave the skin moisturized and smooth.

I used to think Nivea products were pricey as most people do. In fact, the most commonly asked question about Nivea products is the price. Nivea Care Soap is, however, reasonably priced compared to other beauty soaps in the market. It only goes for Kshs. 60.

It lathers up well giving you value for your money and longer use. The lather can last the entire wash which also saves time spent lathering up a washcloth. I have been using one bar for the past month and it is barely used.

The care soap comes in a variety of flavours including Strawberry & Milk, Passion Fruit, Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Flowers among others. The numerous options make it favourable for all preferences from herbal to sweet scents.  However, Nivea Care Soap does not have an antibacterial soap.


The soap is packed individually in an attractive design. This makes it convenient for a first-time buyer than buying a 4-pack without knowing whether you will like the product.  However, for a regular user, I was hoping they would have a value pack by now.

It has a pleasant scent. Each soap comes with a distinct strong scent that is not overbearing. This leaves you feeling fresh and lady-like. The soap adds on to other scents like perfume or lotion improving your general scent.

Nivea Care Soap is available in all major supermarkets across the country. For someone who does not have a specific supermarket they shop at, you can be assured to find a Nivea Care Soap section in supermarkets both in Nairobi and outside Nairobi.

Nivea aimed at making a regular beauty soap for everyday use that leaves its customers satisfied. I would say that it did an impressive job with the soap making it a competitive product within a few years in the market. It not only managed to make an affordable product but also maintained the high standards of all Nivea products.


  1. Wide variety
  2. Affordable
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Scented
  5. Attractive packaging
  6. Readily available
  7. Moisturizes


  1. Does not have a value pack
  2. Does not have an anti-bacterial in the soap range

Nivea Care Soap is definitely a good everyday soap with a unique feeling from other beauty soaps.

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