The Next Mobile Wave: 4 Types Of Apps That Are About To Be Big


It can be hard to predict trends in mobile apps with too much accuracy because there’s always something or other coming out. That is to say, you could more or less predict any app would come out, and you’d probably be at least somewhat accurate. But broader trends in mobile apps, beyond individual programs, can be a little bit easier to see coming. So, in the interest of staying ahead of the curve, we’re taking a guess at four of the next types of apps that we figure will make it big in the near future.

Augmented Reality Apps

This is the clearest next step in the mobile app business, and in fact, there are already a lot of successful AR apps on the market. Around the world, people are quickly realizing that AR isn’t just meant for games, but can be applied to travel, social media, fashion, education, and all sorts of other areas. Even though augmented reality has already expanded significantly though, it has a long ways to go, and the next few years will bring about that expansion. Our phones will become more capable of handling AR, and headset devices will pair with them to make the experiences – which will be innumerable – that much better.



Cryptocurrency Apps

Cryptocurrency probably won’t accomplish its stated purpose of replacing fiat currency anytime in the near future. But it’s still getting more popular. There are more cryptocurrencies coming up each day, and the major ones are spreading around the planet. Accordingly, there are more and more apps that serve as exchanges and/or wallets allowing people to handle these currencies. However, none of these apps are perfect, and many of them can be somewhat difficult for newcomers to use. As cryptocurrency continues to expand, we should probably expect a new and improved range of apps that makes handling it that much easier – if not somewhat enjoyable.

Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting is already available via some pretty high-powered apps, but the American market is on the verge of changing this entire industry. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver let it be known early that he’s seeking a stake in NBA sports betting, which could ultimately lead leagues to take direct action. That could mean some of the world’s biggest leagues would begin to develop their own betting apps, such that you could pull up a program like “NBA Betting” as opposed to “William Hill” or “Betfair.” And even if this doesn’t happen, the American boom should send a lot of money into sports betting and lead to bigger and better apps.

Dictation Apps

Dictation actually sounds like something out of the past, and it’s true that there have been computer programs and apps facilitating this kind of service for years now. But speech recognition technology is improving and spawning a new genre of gadgets, and we should probably anticipate that this will extend to the app market. There will likely be high-performance dictation apps that enable us to compose emails, send text messages, write notes, and fulfil any number of other functions on our mobile devices. They’ll just be a lot more effective than similar apps from years past.

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