Inchcape Takes Over Jaguar Land Rover Distribution In The Kenyan Market


Jaguar Land Rover has changed its distributors.  The new distributors are Inchcape who take over the distribution from RMA Motors. The appointment of Inchcape is the result of a tender process after Jaguar Land Rover amicably concluded its distribution agreement with RMA Motors Kenya recently. RMA Kenya was first appointed as a distributor in 2013 but is now opting to consolidate its focus on developing other retail businesses in South East Asia. Jaguar Land Rover has been a leading automotive manufacturer of premium all-wheel-drive vehicles and luxury sports sedans.

Inchcape is a leading global automotive distributor in 31 countries. It was founded in 1847 and its portfolio includes BMW, JLR and Subaru. The company has over 8.9 billion pounds in sales and in 2017, it had a net income of 276 million pounds. It employs over 17,800 people and has been listed in the London Stock Exchange since 1958. It handles product planning, brand positioning, logistics, marketing, network management, sales and aftersales of 30 EOMs.

It will be taking over from RMA Motors after Jaguar Land Rover amicably concluded its agreement with RMA Motors Kenya which entered the Kenyan market in 2013. Many of the current employees have been retained including the management team to ensure continued support for the Jaguar and Land Rover customers.

Inchcape plans on launching second-hand car sales programme at the end of the year although Jaguar Land Rover has been selling second-hand vehicles since early this year in line with their Approved Pre-owned Programme. It attributes this move to the ready Kenyan market for second-hand vehicles and the drop in sales of luxury cars last year. However, the sales peaked this year with an increased demand for Porsche and Land Rover.

Inchcape also plans on introducing another brand of its international brands into the Kenyan market over the next few months.

Jaguar Land Rover plans on spending over 4 billion pounds in the coming year on new product creation and capital expenditure.

One of its plans is to introduce a portfolio of electric vehicles from 2020 as well as continuing to offer ultra-clean petrol and diesel engines.

Jaguar Land Rover South Africa & Sub Saharan Africa Managing Director, Richard Gouverneur, had this to say about the new partnership: “The group brings with it a wealth of automotive experience not only in the premium segment but also with the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in particular.”

The Emerging Markets CEO at Inchcape, Ruslan Kinebas, stated that their focus is on exceeding Land Rover’s expectations and creating a fantastic experience for Jaguar and Land Rover customers in Kenya.

Inchcape’s key strategies are to strengthen its relationship with its OEM partners by understanding their needs, lead in customer experience, develop the full potential of its revenue streams, invest to accelerate growth and leverage its global scale by allocating more resources to innovation.

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