5 Bizarre Beauty Trends That Need To Disappear


The world of beauty moves at warp speed, and not many of us can keep up. Every day it seems like there’s a new way to do the things we’ve always done, a new beauty regimen to follow and new trends to be part of all in an effort to look more beautiful and glamorous.

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of trends so weird, that it is almost impossible to think that anyone in real life would actually attempt to do them. Whether short-lived or not, these bizarre beauty trends have found a following on social media, especially Instagram, and become the ‘in’ thing at one point or the other. These are:

1. Eyeball jewellery

Eyeball jewellery. Image via https://schulzdiamonds.com/dutch-hipsters-embrace-eyeball-jewelry-tiny-platinum-charms-are-surgically-placed-in-the-whites-of-their-eyes/

This was first developed in the Netherlands in 2002 as a radically new form of body modification. The procedure involves keeping the eye open with a specialist and then making a small incision between the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the conjunctiva (the clear membrane that covers the sclera). This is where the small platinum piece of jewellery is inserted.

This procedure gives new meaning to the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and you can also get it done in New York City by Dr. Emil Chan for $3,000. Lucy Luckayanko, 25, was the first to get the “SafeSight jewellery” operation at Park Avenue Laser Vision in Manhattan, and now sports a shiny platinum heart in the corner of her right eye. If you get bored with the shape of your eye bling, you can have it swapped out for $1,000. It can also be removed for free within the first year or for $300 after that period.

On his website, Chynn said the surgery is safe and “there is absolutely no risk of going blind or any visual loss.” However, eye jewellery has not been approved by the FDA, and not everyone is a fan.

I don’t know about you, but why would anyone voluntarily put something in their eye? *shudders*

2. Furry nails

Furry nails. Image via https://www.boredpanda.com/fur-nails/

Do you feel like your fingernails are too boring lately? How about getting some furry nails? This bizarre beauty trend was created by Jan Arnold, the style director and co-founder of CND nail polish. This trend was so popular that it was debuted at the Libertine fall/winter 2016 show.

Forget about scratching an itch or eating with your hands with these nails.

3. Crystal lips


Crystal lips. Image via https://fashionmagazine.com/beauty/crystal-lips-instagram/

This trend was first started by Pat McGrath on Instagram but was popularized by New York based makeup artist Johannah, better known by her username @beyou.byjoh. She was inspired by one of her own jewellery to create some of the most stunning lip art to date and is consistently pushing out new designs.

You can also use glass, precious gems and even diamonds. This look is for exclusive events only, so no eating or kissing, you hear?

4. Nose hair extensions

Nose hair extensions. Image via https://metro.co.uk/2017/10/07/nose-hair-extensions-are-the-next-hot-beauty-trend-everyone-needs-to-try-6983493/

Why would anyone want this you ask? Well, this was another bizarre beauty trend of 2017 made famous by @Gret_chen_chen (pictured) on Instagram. She took false eyelashes, formed them into a circle and stuck them at the end of each of her nostrils. This went viral and inspired people to DIY their own nose hair extensions.
Um, no thanks!

5. Penis eyebrows

Penis eyebrow. Image via https://metro.co.uk/2017/09/04/forget-squiggle-brows-maybe-the-penis-brow-is-autumns-biggest-beauty-trend-6900764/

Who needs a boring eyebrow when you can draw a penis on it? This beauty trend appeared in late 2017 on Instagram and caused quite a storm. It is believed to have been started by makeup artist Priscilla DiCaprio, and several of her followers even attempted the look. This is how you do it: Simply take your eyeliner and eyeshadow and thicken your existing brow, leaving space in your midsection to create some large, bouncy balls. At the other end, use your pencil to draw a bell-like shape, before taking your white highlighter pencil to draw a few droplets around your temples.

Yikes! We’re good, luv!

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