Entertainment: Elani Releases New Song ‘Heartbeat’ Off Their Sophomore Album

Image courtesy: Elani Heartbeat Artwork

The award-winning trio made up of Brian, Wambui and Maureen, sang their way into our hearts with songs like Kookoo, Milele and Jana Usiku. Their debut album ‘Barua Ya Dunia’, which propelled them to fame, received immense support from their fans and we have been eagerly waiting for a new release since then. The long wait is finally over as Elani dropped a new song and video titled ‘Heartbeat’ from their sophomore album ‘Colours Of Love’.

Moods can be described in colours like green with envy, red with anger and now, yellow and in love. Heartbeat is an Afro-pop song with simple lyrics to sing along to where it describes the puppy love stage of a relationship when things are all bright and yellow, thus the yellow theme. It takes the listeners through the strong emotions that happen in that phase of love. The band’s melodious vocals deliver the song in a fun, flirty way and a great song to jam to while on the go or chilling at home. I was jamming by the second time I listened to it.

The song mentions lines like “my heart beats for you” which could only describe the excitement of new love, the butterflies and anticipation. It is also filled with declarations and affirmations of love where Brian praises his love interest with lyrics like “Your beat is in my heart” and “njaro zako kalikali”. He describes the impact the certain girl has on him. The chorus links the verses in perfect rhythm smoothly transitioning to the second verse which echoes the first verse with a vocal twist. Finally, the outro repeats the same line which fades into the chorus bringing the song to its end.

As for the video, it has an African theme which is common for most Elani songs. The band and models rock beautiful, vibrant mixes of African prints. The simplicity of the song is mirrored in the video. It’s set at a hotel with a natural, aesthetic background. The video starts with Brian arriving at the beautiful hotel with some friends. He, then, sings to his love interest as the crowd dances. As evening sets, Wambui comes in with the chorus. The second verse is sung by the talented Maureen standing on a bridge, while a dancer entertains her. And finally, Wambui concludes the video with a tall, dark and handsome man playing her love interest. The video is beautifully shot capturing the location’s great views.

Image courtesy: Elani The Band posing with a yellow background

It’s a cute love song that makes you want to fall in love over again. The energy is upbeat from the start to the end and everybody looks like they’re having a good time. Nothing is overdone and the video’s storyline is easy to follow. We’re ready for more releases from them.

Just like their previous songs, it’s safe to say Heartbeat will be a banger on the airwaves. The lyrics are simple, the beat is fun and its release comes just in time for the hot, summer love.

Here is Elani – Heartbeat (Official video)

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