Motivation: How TED Talks Became So Popular

Speakers at a TED Talk at Kakuma Camp Image Courtesy

TED Talks have been around longer than some of us have been on this rock. In fact, it was founded in 1984 as a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED (Technology, Education and Design) started as a one-off conference which almost sunk under water due to its unsuccessful start financial. The conference then grew into an international event.

The last TED Talk hosted in Kenya was at Kakuma Camp featuring talks from accomplished refugees like fashion model Halima Aden and global youth ambassadors such as Octopizzo.


Speakers at a TED Talk at Kakuma Camp Image Courtesy

The once unknown organization can attribute its success to key players in the millennial age.

Power of the internet

TED talks posts influential videos from experts. The videos are normally 5 to 20 minutes long which makes them internet-friendly.  As a person who uses social media every day, I have come across a number of TED Talks shared on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. There has also been a wave of TED Talk references where people would voice their opinion then thank everyone for coming to their “TED Talk”. Many TED Talks have become trending topics on Twitter.


People have become more aware of their surroundings and are more curious to learn about the unknown whether it’s technological advancement or conspiracy theories. TED Talks accommodates all topics from all fields. Some of the most watched topics are Do Schools Kill Creativity, How Great Leaders Inspire Action and What Makes A Good Life.


TED talks provide subtitles in over 100 languages. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. Their efforts to accommodate people from all walks of life is commendable. It even has translations of African languages such as Afrikaans, Algerian Arabic, Igbo and Swahili. TED Talks has truly represented the idea of inclusivity appeals to the “woke nation”.


It’s easy to get caught up in sensationalism on the internet with the rise of YouTube vloggers and viral cat videos. However, TED Talks provides a platform where you can be both informed and entertained in the modern age. Information is necessary and a fundamental right. It is also a good way to learn a different language and has been credited in helping non-English speakers learn the language.


Since TED is a non-profit organization, its content is free. You can watch and share TED Talks for free on their website and other video platforms as long as you have internet access. Not only does this make TED Talks readily available but it’s free marketing as well.

New Blood

Its former curator and founder was looking for a successor back in 2000 when a TED enthusiast came knocking on his door. The current curator, Chris Anderson acquired TED through his UK media company. He globalized TED to TEDGlobal with conferences in UK, Tanzania, Brazil and India. His team organized talks from influential people such as Bill Clinton, Bono, Alexis Ohanian and many more.

Fun pastime

Whether stuck in traffic, waiting for a date, lounging in the house, TED Talks can be a good way to kill some time. One of my favourite TED Talks is Matt Cutts’ Try Something New For 30 Days.

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