Vision Boards: Why I Use One And Maybe You Should Too


A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on goals. It is a board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. Find out more about vision boards –  A Powerful Tool To Manifest Your Life Desires

Say you’ve just graduated from campus and you’re setting your goals for the coming year and designing a vision board. You want a job. You want to buy a Vitz or a March. You want a whirlwind romance. You want to go on vacation at the end of the year. You want to study philosophy. So on your vision board you could have a picture of the company you’d like to work for, a picture of a Vitz/March, a picture of a couple living their best lives together, a picture of the place you’d like to vacation and for philosophy a picture of a philosophy podcast you listen to but rarely grasp anything because they’re so deep. And presto, you have a vision board. It can be your source of encouragement and motivation, it helps in visualizing your goals and it helps keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and maintaining focus.

I first heard of vision boards in relation to the law of attraction when everyone was reading and watching The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I have reconsidered a lot about the law of attraction but I kept the vision board concept. Vision boards are one of those things that you get to do however you want. There are no rules, just ideas and guidelines that other people have found to work. According to the law of attraction, you put on your vision board pictures and symbols of things and feelings you want to attract into your life.

For me, I use vision boards to encourage myself and keep me motivated and working to pursue my goals when the going gets tough and all I want to do is to curl up in the fetal position and cry. Being a full-time-this-is-how-I-put-food-on-the-table- creative is to put it lightly an experience full of curling up in the fetal position and bawling your eyes out, that is if you have the energy to even cry. So let’s just say I need all the encouragement I can get especially considering how easily I sometimes get discouraged by all the rejection that comes with the industry.


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In making my vision board…

Step 1: I think about my goals and just a general idea of what I want to have learnt and accomplished by the end of the year. I keep it really simple so three to five items, never more.

Step 2: Then I think about and list what I think will keep me focused and motivated in my pursuit of said goals.

Step 3: Then comes my favourite part which is going to Pinterest to collect pictures and quotes that represent said goals and ideas that will revitalize me when I need it.

Step 4: I write out two or three pick-me-up quotes and I print out the selected pictures in a collage format. I love collages.

Step 5: Pin up the pictures on a manila paper in one corner of my room. I try to keep it really simple and clutter-free so that when I just look at it, I know exactly what each means and if I did my selections well, my soul gets energized just by looking at it.

Then I get to working and every few weeks, I stand by the collage and encourage myself and remind myself why I’m doing all this. It works for me. I still have days when I get so despondent that I can’t even stand to look at the board because it appears I’m not making any progress towards any of my goals, but the dark cloud passes and I stand by the collage again, give myself that pep talk and I get back to work.

So are you going to try it? You just need to know what you want to be, do or have, get the accompanying pictures and quotes then print and hang them up. Easy-peasy. Let your imagination and creativity take you away. There’s absolutely no wrong way to do it.

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