Parenting: 5 Inexpensive Things To Do With Your Children This Holiday

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The school holidays are a fun time for not only your children to relax but also for you to spend time with them. It can get tiring after a while though when it starts to feel like you’re spending so much money to do things with your children. There are various ways you can get around that, however, and make sure that you all spend time doing things you love:

       1. Try out new recipes together

I’m an avid cook, and it’s a skill that I love to share as often as I can. Cooking is a great way to bond with children as it helps them let their creativity out while preparing the food, gives you a chance to talk to them in an informal setting and shows them that love and care can be shown through food. You won’t even have to buy special ingredients as the internet has recipes for almost anything.  So get out your tools, anything else you need, and get messy in the kitchen with your children as you prepare a delicious meal for the family. Who knows? You might even create your own recipes! Lifestyle: How To Get Your Children To Eat Healthy

       2. Go to the park

When I was younger, my mum would take my siblings and I to Uhuru Park over the holidays. We would come with our own food, spread several shukas on the ground to sit on, and go running around and playing after eating. It was a fun time for all of us, and we always looked forward to it. These days children can seem glued to their phone screens and hardly get out of the house, but it is good to keep the phones away once in a while and spend time in nature. Studies show that children who spend time outdoors are happier, more attentive, smarter and less anxious. Many parks have little to no entry charges and they even allow you to carry your own food. Make it an all day thing and let your children experience and learn more than just what exists between the walls of your house. Why you should visit Karura Forest

       3. Turn house chores into a game

No one likes house chores, especially over the holidays, but they have to be done. Need help cleaning the house, or washing up? Make your children want to help you out by turning chores into games where they win rewards or lose points depending on what they do or how well they do it. Children are naturally competitive and will get things done just to be declared the winner. There’s even an app that turns chores into games where you and your children can create accounts and be able to track their progress.

       4. Explore your green thumb together

My mum can make anything grow, and from as long as I can remember we’ve had a variety of plants at our home. She tried to teach me, but it didn’t stick with me. I however remember spending time with my mother in our garden, learning, talking, and the pleasure of watching vegetables we would eat later grow. Whether or not you’re good at it, gardening with your children is a fun, learning experience that teaches them about nature and the circle of life, and helps children develop their curiosity, communication and organization skills. They are also more likely to eat fruits and vegetables that they have grown themselves. You can start small with a kitchen garden and learn over time together.

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       5. Have a movie/reading marathon

There is always that movie or book you keep meaning to get to but life gets in the way. Use the holiday to make some nights into movies or book nights. You can take turns choosing what to read and watch, and use this time to rediscover each other’s preferences. 10 Family-Friendly Shows You And Your Children Can Enjoy On Showmax

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