Parenting: Nine Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy


We’ve all heard of the pregnancy glow effect, but the truth is that expectant mothers undergo a lot of other changes during this nine-month stretch. There are various ways to take care of yourself during pregnancy, like:

        1. Hydration

Did you know that a foetus is 75% water? All this comes from the fluids consumed, and that is why it is extremely important that you drink at least 8 cups of water per day. Apart from just water, pregnant women can also supplement their fluids intake by eating fruits and vegetables that have a high water quotient, like spinach, kale, apples and oranges.  7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

         2. Light exercise

A little light exercise during pregnancy increases circulation in the body and keeps the skin elastic.  This helps prevent the formation of stretch marks and varicose veins. It also helps you watch your weight, reduces stress, boosts your mood and makes you sleep better. Most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy, but the most recommended ones are yoga, swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling and low-impact aerobics. However, it is important to check in with a doctor before attempting any exercise routine during pregnancy.

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          3. Use Bio Oil to prevent the formation of stretch marks

When regularly applied, Bio Oil can improve uneven skin tone during pregnancy, as well as prevent the formation of stretch marks by keeping the skin hydrated and maximizing its elasticity. Bio Oil’s unique formulation of  PurCellin Oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, lavender, calendula, rosemary oil and chamomile has made it safe to use by pregnant women all over the world for more than 20 years. It is recommended that Bio Oil is applied twice a day in the areas most prone to stretch marks in circular motions until all the oil has been absorbed by the skin. Product Review: Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health?

          4. Avoid exposure to the sun

While it is good to catch some sun rays once in a while, being pregnant makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and this can cause dark splotchy spots to appear on your face. This can be prevented by using sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 and shielding your face with a hat while going outside.

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           5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

An expectant mother should eat a diet rich in vitamin C, A and E, zinc and silica. Dark leafy greens are high in vitamins A and C and silica while almonds, avocado and shrimp are rich in vitamin E. Zinc can be found in red meats, poultry, nuts and whole grains. Folate-rich foods should also be a huge part of your diet as folic acid is crucial for the development of the baby’s neural tube, which covers the spinal cord, and is vital for the creation of new blood cells. You can find folic acid in fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germ, oranges and orange juice. Check out this article on 7 Tips to Eating Healthy During Pregnancy.

           6. Eat fish

It has been scientifically proven that children whose mothers ate the most fish while pregnant had higher IQs and better motor and communication skills than children whose mothers didn’t. This is because fish contain omega 3, a nutrient that is critical to brain development. Try to eat at least 12 ounces per week and stick to canned light tuna, shrimp, salmon, pollack or catfish. Some fish contain mercury which is harmful to both babies and adults, so avoid swordfish, sharks, king mackerel and tilefish.

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           7. Relax

Maybe you’re used to doing most things around the house, but now it’s time to take care of yourself and the baby growing inside you. Make sure that you don’t lift heavy objects or do things that require you to stand for long periods of time. Instead, leave the chores to others and make time to put your feet up to prevent them from swelling. Try not to use harsh chemicals while cleaning the house and make sure to wash your hands regularly. If you have a cat, don’t change the kitty litter as this may expose you to toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a parasite that cats can carry. Here are 5 Ways To Soothe Your Tired Feet After A Long Day

            8. Take prenatal vitamins

Your baby’s brain and spinal cord start developing within the first month of pregnancy, and it is important to get the essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium and iron from the very start. You can get them over the counter at most pharmacies or they can be prescribed by your doctor.

              9. Learn more

Whether this is your first baby or not, it is important to educate yourself on the whole birthing process. Attending a class or two will help you know more, and you’ll also get an opportunity to ask questions. You can also read a book or two or watch videos on YouTube to get a better grasp of all that is required of you and common complications you can avoid. Also, take time to get information from your doctor on what you need to do to make sure your baby is healthy. Also, consult friends and close family members who have had babies to get advice on anything you are not sure about. 

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