Lifestyle: Bosch Home Appliances Launches Its First Brand Store In Kenya

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The Bosch Brand has been in the Kenyan market since 2013. That said, the German company has officially launched its first showroom in East and Central Africa. It now has a home showroom where customers can test and shop for household appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, cookers and much more.

Bosch Home appliances are made of stainless steel with a clean, polished design for you to enjoy your cooking in the kitchen.” said the Regional Branch Manager. There was a quick demonstration from Chef Ali on how to use some of Bosch’s kitchen equipment.

Bosch Home is looking to provide this market with quality home appliances. It is also looking to partner with home developers to supply built-in equipment for modern homes.


Kitchen with built-in Bosch appliances Image from

At the store, the company assures its customers of expert advice on maintenance and care of the appliances. They also have trained staff members who offer installation and repair upon purchase. Some of the appliances come with a lifetime warranty from water damages such as the dishwashers.

The impressive Variostyle bottom freezer with a 19-interchangeable coloured front panel is designed to appeal to those who love to reinvent their kitchen at no extra cost.

The company offers different lifestyle packages to suit different lifestyles. For instance, they have the pasta passion, veggie love and tasty moments lifestyle packages. These packages come with equipment that is necessary for a specific lifestyle.

“The new brand store gives the Kenyan community access to an extensive collection of the latest high-quality, energy-efficient products in the market,” says Norbert Klein, Head of Region Turkey, Middle East, Africa and CIS.

Bosch Home is keen on aligning its agenda with environmental conservation by providing high water and energy efficient appliances. Their products such as blenders and fridges are also silent which reduces noise pollution. They also provide high precision appliances which means that there will be no wastage of products.

Time efficiency is also a priority to the company according to Vice President of Sub-Saharan Africa Bosch, Mr. Allan Oyier. The company plans on introducing remotely operated appliances. “Imagine you’re seated in traffic and your onions and carrots are prepared for you.”

Bosh also provides technologically advanced products such as electro hobs and induction hobs. The hobs also come equipped with special features that maximize on your cooking experience. This includes touch control, fry sensor and high-speed zone.

Bosch specially designed the Freshbox off-grid chiller for remote places in Africa. The chiller keeps vegetables and meat at a conducive 10 degrees temperature to preserve their freshness. The chiller is also good for camping trips.

The launch showcased the company’s intention to establish itself in the Kenyan and East African market. They had a hospitable reception and spectacular grand opening. The store is located at The Oval, Westlands. The store is a spacious, bright space making your shopping experience a pleasurable one. Their products will still be available at all Hotpoint, Carrefour and Game stores as well as The Village Supermarket.

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