Product Review: The One Of A Kind Casal Mendes Blue Wine

Casal Mendes Blue Wine bottle and glass

Casal Mendes wine originates from Portugal’s rich vineyards. It comes in a colourful and wide selection such as the sangria, rose, black and of course, the blue selection which introduced to the market in 2016. The blue wine is based on the company’s green wine with natural substances added to it to give it its colour. Portugal apparently is the only country that makes blue wine in Europe. However, there are other wine companies that make blue wine apart from Casal Mendes.

Nonetheless, Casal Mendes Blue, which was gifted to me at a recent event I attended at Simba Corp, looks eye-catching in every sense of the word. I could only imagine how it would taste. As soon as I got home, I poured myself a glass and it was exactly what I needed after a long day of meetings and errands.

For starters, the beautiful blue colour quenches your visual thirst. The company tapped into a creative niche that lacked in most wine brands. Visuals are an important part of any product, especially edible products. Therefore, the extra addition of colour sets this wine apart in the market. The blue can be described as ocean blue. It is deeper than sky blue but not too dark. The packaging is also attractive. It comes in a vintage-like glass bottle as opposed to the usual wine bottles.

Casal Mendes Blue Wine bottle and glass

The Casal Mendes Blue Wine is not only visually appealing but it is tasty as well. It comes in two varieties; the white and the sparkling. Its white wine is sweet with a fruity taste while its sparkling is slightly sour but very refreshing. The sparkling wine, which was the one I got, fizzes in the mouth and has a tangy flavour.

Most wines in its price range don’t have an explosion of scents but this one is truly one of its kind. I can describe it as a lemony citrus smell. It has a fresh, strong smell that hits your nostrils as you drink the wine.

Casal Mendes Blue Wine is a refreshing drink best served chilled on a hot day, by the beach or at a party. It also pairs well with food such as fish, salad and pasta. Casal Mendes Blue makes a great cocktail drink due to its celestial colour which, many times, people confuse to be liquor. It is a great wine to drink and also a great wine to gift as well.

The 750ml bottle contains 10% alcohol making it milder than your typical wine. It is, therefore, the perfect drink while relaxing or unwinding. Don’t let the percentage fool you, though. It is still an alcoholic drink which means you will get drunk after a few glasses or maybe I’m just a lightweight. Either way, drink responsibly.

Casal Mendes Blue Wine is a good bottle of wine that is sure to impress your guests at parties or cookouts but also, it is pocket-friendly. The wine retails for about Ksh 1,300 which makes it one of the more affordable wines.

The wine is available in Chandarana Supermarkets, Carrefour, LIqour Barrels and Uva Wines.

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