Technology: 8 Applications To Improve Your Workflow


Efficiency is one of the most important qualities at work and life, in general. Sometimes work gets overwhelming, other times we don’t really have the skill set to perform certain duties. These apps help you manage your workflow and avoid time wastage.

  1. Slack

It’s a great way to communicate with your employees, introduce new members, brainstorm and assign them different tasks. The app is free and available for both Android, Windows and iOS users.

  1. Wunderlist

This app helps in organizing daily tasks. You can make to-do lists, add reminders and collaborate with other workmates on completing tasks. It comes with nifty features such as set due dates, print to-do list, push notifications, add to app and take notes. The app is available for Android, Windows, iOS and Kindle users.


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  1. Google Now

This Google feature syncs with your reminders and calendar to give you alerts based on your interests/ for instance, the app gives you alerts on the weather for an upcoming flight, it recommends hotspots based on your recent check-ins and reminds you of events based on past locations among other impressive features. The app is exclusive to Android users but can be accessed on the Web.

  1. Sticky Notes

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple sticky note on your home screen lets you know the important things. It’s a quick way to pen down key points during a meeting. Most laptops come equipped with this application but it is also available on Android and iOS.

  1. Google Assistant

Assistants save time and cost a lot of money too. So, Google developed an application that does what an assistant does, except it can’t get you coffee. Google Assistant uses voice command technology to perform tasks such as open their applications, make phone calls, order food and send text messages exactly as you’ve said. It’s available on both Google play store and the Apple App store.

  1. The Rock Clock

A productive day starts with a little motivation from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This app wakes you up with a motivational message and no snooze button. Motivational quotes may seem corny but they improve your thought process. It is also a goal tracking app.

  1. Pocket

It is easy to get distracted by online activities as you go about your day at work. Sometimes our fear of missing out kicks in and we want to participate in online discussions. This app is a great way to consolidates all articles and videos that catch your attention on any platform such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Chrome devices.

  1. Freshbooks

Keeping track of payments is important in running a successful business. For freelancers or small business owners, the app helps you create professional invoices for clients. It alerts you when someone views your invoice so no more excuses about not receiving the invoice. It also allows you to chat with clients. This one is a must-have if you run any kind of business. the app comes with a 60-day free trial and is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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