5 Things To Consider When Partying Responsibly

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Partying is fun for people of all ages. It is a chance to let off some steam, hang out with others in an informal setting and warm our bones with a dance or two. Whether you’ve been invited to a friend’s graduation party or checking out the newest clubs on a night out, there are several things you should consider to be safe and have a fun night:

      1. Plan your night out in advance

You know where you want to go, and it always helps to have a plan in place. Always make sure you know how you’re getting there, the people you’re going with or are likely to meet there, and a basic agenda for the night. If you’re going to be drinking, always make sure you know what you’re drinking, set a limit on how much alcohol you’re going to take and stick to it.

       2. Always have your own money

Even if you’ve been invited out by someone or it’s a work thing where the company is footing the bill, you should always have some money while going out. Preferably liquid cash as it might be difficult in some areas to access mobile money or use your credit card. Oh, NEVER go with a credit card on a night out as it is very easy to lose track of your spending and have a mini heart attack in the morning when you receive the bank statement. Instead, carry a prepaid card with the exact amount of money you plan to spend and it will keep you accountable.

        3. Have a way out

You might not party all night, so it helps to have a way to get home at any time. If you have a cab guy, make sure you call him in advance to come pick you up. You can also make plans to carpool with friends in a taxi or two to move around. If you’re with others, they may want to stay and having a way out doesn’t leave you at their mercy and you can leave any time. Or they may want to go early when you were supposed to leave together and you’d be stranded . I learned this the hard way when I went out with some friends who left early and I didn’t know what to do. From then, I’ve made it a point to have a plan B when I go out with others in case we don’t end up leaving at the same time.

       4. Food

One thing my mum always says is that you should always eat before going to a party, even if you expect to find food there. This is especially true when alcohol is involved, as a full stomach slows down its absorption. According to this, avoid carbohydrates and go for proteins and fats to help prevent alcohol from being absorbed into your bloodstream through your stomach lining.

       5. No drinking and driving

According to NTSA statistics drivers are the cause of 12% of all road fatalities and drunk drivers are considered to be one of the most serious risks to road safety. No matter what happens, you should always make sure that whoever is driving you home and around has not taken any alcohol. This could be the difference between getting home in one piece and not ending up at the hospital.

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