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The rise of Kenyan YouTubers came as no surprise since we are a tech-savvy nation. Kenyan Youtubers range from gamers, reviewers, foodies, makeup artists, fashion and many more. Although there are a number of Kenyan YouTubers doing great things, this is a list of some of my favourite Kenyan YouTube channels that you should check out.

Caroline Mutoko

The celebrated media personality graced the YouTube streets about three years ago and we now know what standards are. Her channel is not only entertaining but necessary. She brings newsroom discussions to her channel in an up-close and personal way. Her videos are both insightful and informative which is an aspect of YouTube that is not widely explored. Additionally, she brings in expert guests to discuss certain topics such as mental health and marriage which is important for people who can’t afford such kinds of services.


Over 25

I was pleased when I turned 25 this year because I could comfortably watch this channel and agree with everything they said.  The ladies of Over 25 are candid about their life experiences from relationships to self-care. Their content is mature, relatable and straightforward. It can be described as having a girl’s talk with your best friends.




Njugush transitioned from acting on television to do YouTube videos, a move that is not very common. Now, his channel has close to 100,000 subscribers. He does short comedy skits with the assistance of a female character known as “Wakavinye” who constantly exchanges a back and forth with Njugush. As a result, he gained popularity on the platform. Here’s our interview with the social media star.



The Green Calabash

Shiko and Rama, the couple behind The Green Calabash, take their viewers through the ups and downs of parenting as a young, blended family. Their children are aged 7 and 1 with the oldest being from Shiko’s previous marriage and are the main focus of the channel. The couple shares their take on education, recreation and home management. The Green Calabash began as a blog when Shiko had her first child as a way to connect with other mums. Currently, their YouTube channel has over 27,000 subscribers and 150 videos.



Fahana Oberson

This channel really showcases Kenya in all its beauty and glory. Fahana has great vlogging skills and manages to capture amazing shots on her trips around Kenya. She is also a certified foodie and does restaurant reviews occasionally. She won the OLX Social Media Awards for Best Youtuber in 2017.

This is Ess

While juggling her life as a journalist and a TV show host, Sharon Mundia still manages to post videos online regularly. She should probably teach a class on time management as well. Her channel mainly talks about fashion where she gives tips on how to look stylish. She has an impressive 38,000 subscribers.


Nancie Mwai

Nancie Mwai is the queen of glam. If her wig collection doesn’t impress you, then I’ve literally learned how to do proper makeup from her channel. She does both makeup tutorials and vlogs where she puts our basic lives to shame. Her channel is the go-to for those glamorous makeup looks.



Mandi Sarro

Mandi’s channel is perfect for foodies like me. She calls her audience of 28,000 subscribers, ‘the throw down lovers’ who enjoy her recipes.  It’s a great channel to learn how to make simple dishes and how to use different spices.


Xtian Dela

Xtian Dela, the award-winning social media guru, keep his YouTube subscribers entertained by sharing viral videos and discussing trending topics. His channel has over 4 million views and 30, 000 subscribers. It’s a fun, goofy channel to get all the latest happenings in Nairobi and Kenya at large.



Wabosha Maxine

Lastly, Wabosha represents the new generation of Kenyan YouTubers. Her channel breaks the stereotype of “youngings” who mostly chase quantity over quality. She puts out good quality content about hair care, styling, product reviews and vlogs. She also tries to stay current with the YouTube trends like the spicy noodle challenge. Her channel currently has over 39,000 subscribers.

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Who are your favourite Kenyan Youtubers?

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