Food Review: Artcaffe Oval Breakfast

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It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I believe it always helps when you have it in a beautiful place with good company and fantastic food. I got to experience that when I met some friends at Artcaffe Oval for a breakfast meeting. It is on the ground floor of The Oval building located in Westlands. The minute I stepped inside, I loved how they’ve made really good use of colour and seating arrangements to make it seem airy and more spacious. Honestly, you’d have to really struggle or be a very nosy person to hear conversations on another table. I rarely eat breakfast so it was wonderful to have it in a place I felt comfortable in.

I was the first one to get there and so I chose a table on the balcony outside to wait at. This looks out over the busy lower Westlands area and I got a firsthand look at the road repairs that were going on. It was also a really good spot to catch some sun before it got too hot. There was also some jazzy background music playing that was the perfect mood for a Saturday morning. The wait staff was very attentive and kept asking if I needed anything. They left me alone when I told them I was waiting for others, which I liked. There are some eateries that insist that you must order something for the privilege of sitting at one of their tables, which is very annoying and a great way to lose customers.

When my group finally arrived, we had to change tables as we were too many. We moved to one in a corner with couches which were very comfortable. Most of us knew what we wanted- the coffee and muffin combo- and the wait wasn’t long. They also had a full English breakfast option, which some of us took advantage of. It was brought to the table in a blue tray that had one big hole at the centre for the eggs, baked beans, sausages and bacon, and small holes all around for the dipping sauces, guacamole and even jam and butter for the toast on the side.


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One of us had a child and they brought him some cocoa in a paper cup. I thought it was very risky to bring a hot beverage to a child like that, and next time they should at least use a cup with a handle.

What I liked about ArtCaffe Oval was that their service was really fast and wait staff didn’t keep hovering over our table but were there when we needed them. I also enjoyed their muffin, which was big, really moist and delicious. I also really liked how the food was presented and the doodles on the coffee (is there a class to be able to do that, I wonder?). I, however, would have loved to be able to choose my own flavour of muffins, instead of having to go with what the waitress brought me (no one else at my table was asked what they wanted and we all ended up with different cake flavours).

Would I go back? Definitely, and maybe try something else off their menu. 

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