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P15 Wireless Headphones
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I recently graduated from film school which basically means I’m unemployed and barring a miracle, will be for intermittent periods being the rookie scriptwriter I am. So what’s a girl who’s developed an appreciation for food to do to maintain homeostasis? If you said transcription, go to the head of the class. I’m the girl who’ll research headphones for three weeks before going through with the actual purchase which speaks to my commitment issues as well as my procrastination artfully disguised as research. So I sprang for the P15 wireless headphones which I bought online.

The headphones come packaged beautifully in a red box. I requested black or blue headphones, they sent me white ones. I was excited about their arrival, so I let that slide. I’m grown up like that. Next, it was time to test the headphones, compare what I had in my hands to the features they’d enumerated.

Portable folding design

At first, I was sure that I would break them if I tried to fold them. The good news is I won in man vs folding headphones. I took the risk, tried folding and it worked and I haven’t looked back since. Once folded they become small enough to fit in most handbags which is super convenient for those of us who prefer to have our headphones on our person just in case.

Padded soft cushion for the ears

They really are comfortable on the ears and once on really block out most of the external noise making for a wonderful listening experience. It may just be my ears so this may not be for everyone, but after I’ve had them on for an hour they start to become uncomfortable and I have to rub and massage around my ears, also in my case my ears sweat which only compounds the discomfort.

High-quality sound

It’s great if your headphones fold and are comfortable but the million dollar question is: what’s the sound like? Guys, the sound is great. It’s loud enough, in fact for someone such as myself whose advancing in age, I have to play music on a lower volume because otherwise, it’s too loud. The bass is to die for and it does this thing where you can sometimes hear different beats or instruments on different sides of the headphones. I love it.

Bluetooth function

This is where I have the best and worst experience. It pairs wonderfully and easily with my phone even my cat could do it. The problem is it does not pair with my laptop at all which means I always have to use the provided aux cable when working on the laptop. The problem is they use generic drivers to connect the laptop and Bluetooth headset and Windows is unable to identify said drivers. This is why there’s value in buying name brands because you can just visit their website and download the drivers should you run into a similar problem.

USB Charging

Super convenient.

Overall, I would not recommend them, certainly not if you want to be able to use them on your laptop. If you just want them for your cell phone then, by all means, go right ahead.

Shop: Jumia Online Shop

Price: KSH 2,467

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