Fashion: How To Style A Jumpsuit For Any Occasion


Jumpsuits are chic fashion pieces that go well with almost any body type. These versatile clothing can be worn in many different occasions and require minimum styling effort since most of the work is already done for you. However, it is also easy to have a fashion fail moment if you don’t style them appropriately. These are some easy ways to style a jumpsuit.

Layer it up

Jumpsuits can have a customized touch by adding other clothing items to the outfit. You can layer up a jumpsuit with a blazer, kimono, scarf or denim jacket. For a sleeveless jumpsuit, layering it with an off-shoulder top, t-shirt or blouse re-invents the outfit and creates a personalized look. Make sure the shirt or jacket is well fitting to polish up the look.

Add a belt

Good belts save lives. Whether it’s chunky, skinny, metallic or leather, belts break the monotony of this all-in-one garment which can look bland. Belts also make your waist look smaller giving you that hourglass figure. Everybody loves a snatched waist.


Go bold or go home. Accessories like hoop earrings, chokers and layered necklaces add an extra oomph to jumpsuits. They create an interesting area of focus away from a rather plain outfit. The beauty of jumpsuits is that the accessories can never be too much. For instance, chunky necklaces look great with deep v-neckline jumpsuits. However, try to find accessories that complement your physical features.

Wear heels

Jumpsuits are a great way to create the illusion that you’re tall. Heels will not only add an element of sophistication to a jumpsuit but they will elevate your height making you look even taller. Pick the right shoes for different kinds of jumpsuits. For instance, cropped jumpsuits look good with ankle boots.

Brighten It Up

Take advantage of the monochrome style and pick a colour that will stand out. There’s nothing wrong with a white or black jumpsuit especially for formal events, however, bright colours add life to an outfit. If you’re attending an outdoorsy event, a bright coloured jumpsuit is sure to steal the show. Besides, neon colours look amazing on dark skin so why not.


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Go sporty

Athleisure has been a huge fashion trend in 2018. Women are choosing comfort over sexy which is a great shift in fashion. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to look like a homeless person. Jumpsuits are not just girly. Paired with trainers or slides, they can make great gym wear or errands outfit. Get one with a comfortable material such as cotton.

Try Vintage

Vintage style is timeless. it’s not only a chic look, it’s unique and makes a bold fashion statement. however,  It’s not easy to find vintage clothes but you can create an easy look. Try pairing an ordinary wide leg jumpsuit with a turban and a pair of chunky heels which are currently in style.

Do Your Hair

This seems obvious yet so many people skip this important step. Yes, it is important to have neat hair whether you’re going for a formal event or running errands. Short to shoulder length hairstyles tend to complement a jumpsuit look more.

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