Solo Tripping: Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling Alone As A Woman

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One day, I came across this Instagram feed of a Kenyan girl, probably in her late 20’s, and it was the most beautiful things I had seen on the platform. It was pictures of her with breathtaking sceneries in the background. I wouldn’t say I was envious because travelling isn’t my favourite thing. I mean, I want to go to Paris and Italy, but my adventure spirit ends there.

She, on the other hand, has travelled to some of the most beautiful and harshest places on the continent. She described herself as a “lone wanderer currently backpacking around Africa”. The thought of being alone in a foreign country gave me chills but such fearless women inspire the world to be more daring. If you’re considering a solo trip, these are some things you should consider while planning a solo trip as a woman.


Solo trips are meant to be liberating. But, at the same time, you want to experience different cultures around the world.  Some cultures are exciting while others are restricting. Before choosing your destination, it is important to get accustomed to the country’s culture on women and in general. Some countries have strict dressing codes for women while others ban women from visiting certain areas.


Safety is a priority in any trip. The most common reason people avoid travelling is because of safety concerns. For instance, India has some of the most underrated tourist attractions, however, the level of insecurity and violence towards women make it an unconducive place for a woman to visit alone. First of all, ensure your travel destination has no reported ongoing violence. Also, every time you leave your hotel, leave a note at the front desk.


woman flexin’ at Montenegro.  IMAGE FROM

Register With The Embassy

Besides informing family and friends of your whereabouts, it is important to register with the embassy. This will provide the embassy with a way to contact you in case of an emergency and all give you safety alerts of the place you’re visiting.

Keep It Low Key

Sometimes, we get carried away with the thought of traveling that we forget we will meet locals there. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb which will attract all sorts of people.  Sunglasses come in handy while traveling since they help you move around discreetly without the locals trying to sell you something at every turn. Again, try to wear what the locals are wearing to blend in more.

Capture The Moment

It’s easy to forget your travel experience once you’re back to reality. A great way to keep those memories fresh in your mind is to take pictures. Another way is to write a journal. Personally, I would opt to write a journal. Travel: 18 Tips For Taking Great Holiday Photos

Know Your Alcohol Limits

I would say don’t drink at all, and if you have to, drink in your room. However, the point of going for such a trip is to have the full experience so when you go out, keep in mind that it is a foreign country and anything can happen. Keep your alcohol intake to the bare minimum and always order from the bar.

Pack Light

Solo trips are more of an adventure than a vacation so it’s not really the time to pack 5 pairs of shoes and 8 bikinis. Pack only the essentials and a few comfortable clothes since it’s likely that you won’t be spending much time at the hotel room.

Have fun, stay safe and most importantly, stay adventurous.

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  1. […] Travelling is strenuous and utterly demanding. From the exorbitant airfare especially if you are ttravellingwithin Africa to the lengthy and completely unnecessary Visa processes it is important that we get it right and finally get to enjoy your trip.  Packing is an essential part of any trip and what to pack varies with the nature of the trip. Shorter trips demand less packing unlike trips that might go on for a few weeks and additionally packing for domestic travel is not the same as packing for international travel. Researching on the place you are visiting is essential in ensuring that you pack as required for example the need for warm clothing in colder regions without forgetting appropriate attires for different travel reasons be it business or for pure leisure. […]