Beauty: 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Damaged And How To Repair It

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Every girl desires luscious, thick hair growing out of her scalp. For some, it comes easily while for others you have to put in some more effort. Nonetheless, hair care is an important part of beauty. The following are some things to look out for in your hair journey.

  1. Diet

Not only does hair contain our DNA, it also absorbs nutrients and other substance from our system. So, if you’re healthy, it will show in your hair. The main reason for hair loss, other than genetics, is a bad diet.

Generally, proteins are good for the hair. Add more protein-based foods to your diets such as eggs and nuts. Vitamins are also good for hair. You should avoid starchy foods, sugar and alcohol as they dehydrate the hair.

Foods that are great for your tummy and hair too!

  1. Heat

Heat damage is one of the ways in which hair gets the worst damage. Your hair loses its natural curls and it might result in balding for extreme cases.

Let your hair air dry. However, if you’re going to use a blow dryer or flat iron, reduce the heat to the minimum and use it for the least time possible. Make sure to apply a heat protectant.

Secrets To Straightening Your Hair With A Flat Iron & Keeping It Healthy

  1. Chemical Processing

It’s a struggle keeping dyed or relaxed hair healthy. Chemical processing damages the hair bonds resulting in breakage especially if you do it regularly.

To repair this, you can incorporate keratin treatment. However, if your hair has been exposed to excessive chemical processing, you might have to chop it off and start afresh. Don’t worry, though. Here are some great hairstyles for short hair.

Here are tips for taking care of relaxed hair – Hair Care: 5 Tips For Maintaining Relaxed Hair and tips for taking care of dyed hair – Tips On How To Prepare Your Hair For Colouring


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  1. Braiding & Weaving

Though these are good protective hairstyles, if done for prolonged periods, they can cause breakage, especially around the hairline.

Give your hair a break for at least one week before braiding or weaving. Oil your hair to prevent dryness which also causes breakage and use hair serum to repair weak hairline while shampooing to restore its health.

  1. Frequent Washing

Washing your hair strips it of its natural oil leaving it dry and brittle. Wet hair is also prone to breakage due to elasticity caused by the additional weight.

Wash your hair once or twice every week and treat with conditioner to repair hair damage. Use different types of conditioners to add different nutrients to your hair. If you must wash daily, use a mild shampoo and avoid products labelled as deep cleansing.

  1. Weather

Harsh weather conditions can be detrimental to your hair, especially cold weather. Your hair becomes dry and dull which may result in hair loss.

During cold weather, keep your hair well-moisturized. Oil your hair daily and trim your ends to prevent split ends. When its hot, try hairstyles that give easy access to the scalp. Wash your hair regularly to prevent dirt and product buildup.


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  1. Cotton Pillowcase

Cotton sucks out your hair’s moisture and natural oils. Since you’ll be laying on that pillow every day for more than 7 hours, you want a pillow that is friendly to your hair.

Satin or silk pillowcases are the best since they don’t snag your hair while you sleep. They are quite expensive, though. You can tie your hair using a silk scarf or line your pillow with a silk or satin material before you sleep. Lifestyle & Beauty: Why Silk Pillowcases Are Best For Your Skin And Hair

Interested in more tips on hair care? Check out How To Take Care Of Your Natural Hair, and 5 Tips To Maintaining Relaxed Hair

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