Entertainment: Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Out Of The Skiza Tunes Platform


If you love music, then you know that there is never a wrong time or place to listen to it. SKIZA Tunes by Safaricom enables you to entertain your callers with music that you love every time they give you a call. SKIZA is basically a ringback tone that your callers hear. From the wide selection of the music provided, you are able to choose whatever music you like. The great thing about these SKIZA tunes is that it allows you to not only discover new music but to also bring your callers into the loop. When your friends call you, and as they wait to connect, they could listen to your favourite songs and fall in love with it. Best believe they will rush to download or listen to the whole song right after the call. Also, it is a way to keep your callers entertained especially if you are away from your phone.

Thankfully, getting yourself a Skiza does not cost you an arm and a leg. A Skiza tune for a local song goes for 75 cents or basically Kshs 1 daily. The premium tunes go for Ksh. 1. Each SKIZA tune is renewed every day at midnight. If your account does not have sufficient funds at the time of renewal, your SKIZA tune is suspended until you recharge your account.  For convenience, you can view your subscribed SKIZA tunes by sending the word ‘GET’ to 811 at Kshs 1 per SMS. To get the tune, all you need is to

  • Dial *811#
  • Search for the SKIZA tune you want by song title or the artist’s name
  • Download the SKIZA tune
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Additionally, if you call your friend and like their SKIZA tune, you can get it by dialling 11 while the song is playing. If you are feeling generous, you can also gift a friend or loved one with a SKIZA tune. Maybe buy them their favourite song or one that means something to both of you. Whatever the case, you have the ability to spread the love.

The artists behind the songs are of course not left behind when it comes to enjoying the benefits of SKIZA tunes. For one, it is a great way for musicians to promote their music. The SKIZA tunes provide a platform where buyers and callers can be introduced to a musician’s new music. It, therefore, becomes a great avenue to publicize their work without spending a dime. Actually, on the contrary, they get to earn money from it. To sweeten the deal of promoting their music, artists earn money depending on how often their music is selected by customers as a SKIZA tune.

Safaricom works with various content providers who take up the responsibility of sourcing, formatting and uploading digital content onto SKIZA. For artists to get their music on SKIZA, they deal with the companies that have been contracted to do that.  Each content provider deals with a different genre of music. All one needs to do is package their music in MP3 format, carry their ID and head over to those companies. Once an agreement is signed, one then waits for approval. If approved, one is given access codes unique to you. These companies include;

  • Interactive Media Services – Bongo and Bollywood
  • Liberty Afrika – Gospel and Vernacular
  • M-Tech Communications – Naija and Wacky Tunes
  • Bernsoft Interactive – Reggae, Classical, Kwaito, Techno, Country, Sermons and Comedy
  • Cellulant – Zilizopendwa, Benga, Kenyan Pop and Genge.
  • Qasiida Technologies – Islamic Content
  • Air Networks – Bollywood.

For control and convenience, artists can monitor the earnings from their music once it is on the platform. They can simply access the music sale statements right on their mobile phones. To check the earnings;

  • Dial *622#
  • Enter the access code unique to you once your music is on the platform
  • Select the option 2 which is the ‘Query SKIZA revenue’ option
  • Choose the time period you want the statement from. This includes selecting the year and the month you are interested in.
  • Select the song you want the statements on

Once you are done with this process, you will receive an SMS text detailing your revenue payable to you. If you happen to have more than one song on the platform, repeat the above steps but select a different song. If you do not have a SKIZA tune, you should try getting one and see what your callers think about it. As a musician, there is no harm in widening your earning pool and promoting your music.

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