5 Ideas To Surprise Your Partner When You’re In A Relationship Slump

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Relationships are all sweet and mellow for the first few months then you start noticing things that make you annoyed like how they chew or the strange way they pronounce some words. It’s normal to get bored when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while.  Instead of calling it quits, try these ideas to re-ignite the flame.

  1. Breakfast In Bed

Food is a love language. Bringing them breakfast will not only melt your partner’s heart but it also says that you’re willing to take care of them. It’s a good way to make your partner relax when work has been kicking them or things have been backfiring and they feel exhausted which in turn, affects your relationship. Don’t get carried away and spend hours slaving in the kitchen. Remember you also want to be at ease. Make them a beautiful plate of fruits, some tea, eggs and stay in.

  1. Mini Get-Away

Your relationship might be in a slump because you’re not spending enough time with them. So, a few days with nothing but each other might do you some good. It doesn’t have to be out of town either. A couple’s massage with accommodation counts as a getaway.  You can also book a night at a luxury hotel and spoil yourselves with the incredible services. A change of scenery is also great for the relationship.


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  1. Go Shopping

Sometimes, all you need to bond is a wardrobe change especially if you’re dating someone who is keen on fashion. Don’t just give them your debit card, go with them to the stores, help them pick out some outfits and gas them up. Be extra with the compliments. And most importantly, pay for their outfits.

  1. Show Up At Work

This one can be tricky but if done right, can be the best thing ever. It works better when you’re acquainted with your partner’s workmates since it will be less awkward. Get the timing right. You don’t want to inconvenience them when they’re at work. Going an hour before end day or during their lunch break is ideal because they’re less busy at these times. Don’t show up empty-handed. Take them some flowers or food or ask them out on a date after work.

  1. Throw A Party

Is it just me or is it amazing watching your significant other interact with other people? When you’re together with someone for so long you tend to forget they have another life outside of your relationship. Having other people over once in a while is a good reminder of who they are as an individual. You finally take a back seat and get to enjoy the moment without necessarily participating. It’s also refreshing to talk to a new group of people. You’ll also get a different perspective about your relationship from the people you care about. So, invite your close friends and family for a cookout or host a game night at your place.

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