Self Care For Men: Tips On How To Be A Well-Groomed Man

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When I think of a well-groomed man, Jiddena comes to mind. He is so well put together, I can only imagine how organized his life must be. Grooming helps you look and feel better which, in turn, leads to more productivity and a good old self-esteem boost. Keep in mind these tips on how to groom as a man.

Be Loyal To Your Barber

He who finds a good barber finds a good thing. This is a cardinal rule along with other unspoken guy codes. Your barber is like an honorary member of your friend group just like women hold their hairdressers dearly. A good haircut can take you from average to heartthrob and is somehow therapeutic. It’s okay to stick to one haircut that works for you, but try spicing things up with a cool fade or some colour.

Shave or Trim Your Beard

Scraggly beards are only attractive if you’re Jason Momoa or a rock star. Learn the basics of a good shave. Facial hair grows in quicker than any other hair so it’s necessary to keep your beard presentable during the week before visiting a professional.


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Smell Like A Million Dollars

A good cologne is like a good red lipstick on a woman. It’s attractive, powerful and sexy all wrapped in one. Don’t overdo it, though. You’re trying to smell good, not choke people. Invest in a good scent as they smell better and last longer.

Keep Your Nails Short And Clean

Apart from showering, cutting your nails should come naturally. Long nails on a man look unappealing and weird. Don’t chew your nails either. Use a sharp nail cutter and cut following the natural curve of your finger.  Remember to cut your toenails too.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Yes. Get that glow. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your skin nor is ashyness as a sign of manhood. For most men, the thought of exfoliating is like stripping away their entire being. Some of them will proudly tell you that their dry, dull skin is a sign that they’re not “soft”.


Believe it or not, body hair is another thing that puts off most women especially chest, armpit and pubic hair. Yes, a bit of hair is tolerable and to some extent, sexy. However, too much body hair can look unappealing. Try to keep these areas trimmed for general hygiene as well.

Dress Up

Make an effort to look good. We notice when a man takes time to pick out an outfit. Work on your style every now and then, go shopping and buy fitting clothes or have them tailor made. Baggy clothes look sloppyHow to dress sharp: 9 tips for men

With that, remember that grooming is according to your personal taste. If a shower and shave work for you, then you don’t have to change anything. For those looking to improve their grooming habits, it becomes easier as soon as it becomes a routine. Start with the basics then build up from there. In no time, you will be a completely new man and be looking for long-term self-improvement such as getting in shape.

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