Online Dating: How To Create An Awesome Tinder Profile

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Many guys are looking for love in a hopeless place. Not Tinder. Tinder is great.  Their profile is the hopeless place I’m talking about. Everything begins with a profile whether you’re looking for a job or looking for love. So, I don’t understand while people don’t put the same energy than complaining that they’re not getting any matches. These might help you get more right swipes.

  1. Killer bio

Girls are likely to swipe right if your bio is the bomb. You can have model-esque pictures but your bio is what seals the deal.

Instead of writing “I’m a self-employed looking for a fun, smart, beautiful girl” like everyone else, channel your inner Eminem and deliver punch lines. First of all, avoid saying things like “self-employed” which translates to unemployed. Be specific about your work, hobbies and intentions.

Don’t be afraid to gas yourself up if it’s actually real. Including your height in your bio makes you more attractive since the person swiping can create a mental image of your appearance. We can be weird about height. That’s just who we are.

  1. Nice Photos

Notice I said photos? Because they should be more than one. You can include group photos to let them know you’re not a loner but it shouldn’t be more than one. No matter how ripped you are, please put on a shirt. Trust me, no one is drooling over a shirtless man on Tinder.

Let your personality reflect in your photos. Tinder CEO, Sean Rad says the secret to a good Tinder photo is to be genuine. Since it’s online, people think that it’s the perfect place to live out their fantasy lives. However, Tinder is not like Instagram or Twitter. The interaction on Tinder is more intimate. People are more interested in the real you. Don’t post one random photo of you with a dog and describe yourself as an “animal lover”.

  1. Understand Women

Know what women prefer and be that man. Women are generally into dominant and brave men rather than kind and sweet men. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, it’s just how it is. On the other hand, asserting your dominance as a man doesn’t mean that you’re rude or misogynist. It’s simply about taking risks and doing testosterone-driven things. You can talk about what you like as a man, upload a picture with a power pose or do some daring things like skydiving. This is a big turn on.

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  1. Don’t Link Your Instagram

This seems like a good idea but it’s too much too soon. I don’t even share my Instagram profile until we’re in a relationship lest I end up with 60 likes in a row. An Instagram profile is a good way to show more about yourself but it can be overwhelming and might send the wrong message. What you should do is post some of your best Instagram pictures on your Tinder. That way, everybody wins. And you can finally find a date that lives up to your expectations.

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