Movie Review: The Package – Teenagers Being Teenagers

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The Package is a Netflix Original 2018 comedy movie involving five typical American teenagers as they go through a series of obstacles to get their friend’s “package” in time to be re-attached. It reminded me of National Lampoons, a juvenile but timeless movie. I was happy to see a movie where teenagers were doing typical teenage things as opposed to the pill-popping, depressed image painted by the current narratives.

It starts with the teenagers getting ready to take a trip to the forest for their regular bonding experience. They buy alcohol using fake IDs and start partying in the wild. One of the boys reaches in his pocket to get his pocket knife which he starts playing with while intoxicated. It slips accidentally and the most unfortunate thing happened. Yes, you guessed it. He cuts off his penis.

After going into a panic, they all come down and look for the severed package. Luckily, they are able to locate the “package” and place it in a cooler as they wait for air rescue. The rescue arrives What they don’t realize is that they gave the medic the wrong cooler which had some beers.

All this happens in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Throughout the course of the movie, the teenagers run into a number of brick walls as they try to get the correct package to the hospital in time to save their friend’s manhood. At one point, the severed penis is bitten by a snake only for them to find out it didn’t contain any venom.

The movie involves some daring acts, declaration of love and strengthened friendships. The cast is rather low-profile with no familiar faces but they manage to deliver an impressive movie that will keep you wondering what happens next.

As for the plot, it’s not too complex though there are a lot of twists. It transitions smoothly from one scene to the next and you can almost predict their next move. It also has an interesting, comedic dialogue. I must commend the writer. It takes a special kind of creativity to make an entire movie about a penis and it doesn’t come off as too vulgar or disgusting. It definitely has some scenes that will make you cringe.

The characters are peculiar but likable, even the bad guys have a sense of humour. Their backstories are simple. The three boys are close friends and one of them is the twin brother to one of the girls. The other girl is a former love interest to one of the boys. However, they aren’t very memorable as I can barely remember any of their names.

I laughed so hard watching it. It’s a good movie to watch as you unwind or with a group of your close friends. It contains explicit language and mild nudity so make sure everybody in the room is over 18 before you watch it. However, it’s not too raunchy and even has some “aww” moments.

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