Finances: Ways Parents Can Save On Back To School Shopping


The schools are opening up for the third term. This is the period where most parents experience hell in terms of high back to school products prices. Most parents are trying to grapple with the rising cost of school products, school fees as well as the transportation cost.

Therefore it is only fair that you find a way you can save during this period. These are some of the best ways parents can use to spend a little less;

  1. Reuse

The end of a school term doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the school products. There are different school materials that never expire and can be used for more than one term. Items like pencils, erasers and sharpeners are used for a long time.

This calls for the need of parents to train kids on how to be responsible and take care of their school materials.


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  1. Shop earlier

Shopping for school products like books and school uniform is lighter and easier during the off season. That is around the end of the term. You should look to take advantage of the lower prices during that period.

It is also easier to shop during the offseason as there is little competition for the available products, you have time to replace or adjust when you buy a wrong or unfitting product.

  1. Have a Budget and Stick to it.

Be sure to keep a budget when headed shopping and stick to it. It is important that you make your budget in relevance to the importance of the given school material and the amount you are willing to spend.

Having a budget will come in handy in helping you stick to your financial lanes. You will also not be inconvenienced by forgetting essential school products. A good budget should run a whole academic year.

  1. Compare prices

There are several stores in Kenya providing back to school products. Most of them tend to give back to school discounts on given products. Be on the lookout to compare different prices from different stores to see which is affordable.

You can also check on financial institutions like banks which would give discounts when you pay school fees.

  1. Choose extracurricular activities wisely

Co-curricular activities are a provision for schools to help in kids’ growth. Different schools provide for different co-curricular activities which vary in cost. Some of them would require registration fees, kits, and even travel costs. You should, therefore, liaise with the school to compare the different activities your kid participates in. You can then agree with the kid to engage in the ones you can easily afford.

The cost of education is always on a rising trend and you will need every saving strategy to help you through. So use these saving tips while also not compromising on the child’s growth, and self-esteem.

Speaking of children, have you taught your Children How To Budget?

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