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Kenyans are generally in one of the hardest economic times in history. The prices of products keep on soaring and it looks like prices will continue to rise with the new fuel prices, and we are also very highly taxed.

In the spirit of trying to keep up in the hard economic times, the market is filled with low-quality substandard goods. Well, most people would prefer buying cheap so as to save the little cash they have.

No matter how broke or low on cash, you are, or just with the need to save more, refrain from buying these daily use products cheaply.

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Toilet paper

One of the most viral Jalang’o adverts was for a toilet paper product. The memorable line in the advert being, “Tissue si tissue…” The statement is well put in that context.

Cheap toilet papers tend to have low fibre and tend to break easily. This implies that you will tend to use a lot of it as compared to when using the premium brands. You might even end up feeling dirtier when using the cheaper low-quality brands.

The good news is that the difference in pricing between the low and high-quality toilet papers is not too much. So go ahead and buy the best quality that you can within your budget.

Electric Accessories

Gadgets like mobile phones and music players are part of everyday lives. Their use has grown in recent times with technological advancements. The accessories like chargers and earphones tend to get damaged or broken over time due to the law of wear and tear.

Getting high-quality replacements is the best option. They are less susceptible to breakage, and for earphones, you will still get high-quality music.


Everyone has had the need to use paints, if not then definitely you are headed there. There are different quality paints with the cheaper ones being of the lower quality.

Going for cheaper paint is a bad move. You will need more amounts when painting. You will need a retouch after a short duration of time. Cheap paint is not easy to clean when it catches dirt. Again, paints are meant to make a place look good, which the high-quality ones do best. 5 Tips To Help You Repaint Your House


The eyewear consumers understand the need for high-quality lenses and frame from a qualified optician. High-quality glasses have better lens coatings, comfort and are durable.

Cheap glasses can be harmful to your eyes as they will allow the harmful violet and blue sunlight rays to penetrate to your eyes. They can also cause eyestrain when reading or using computers.

In addition, high-quality glasses generally make you look good.

These are useful products that you should avoid the cheaper versions if you can because, in the long run, cheap is always expensive. 10 Struggles People Who Wear Glasses Go Through

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