Safaricom To Unveil New Data Packages For Subscribers


The 10th Annual General Meeting by Safaricom and its stakeholders appears to be another win for consumers. The telecommunication company that holds a large share of all subscribers in Kenya announced that they will be unveiling new data packages. Great brands listen and respect their customers and Safaricom appears to understand this. The endless jokes on social media about their unreliable data that ends too fast did not land on deaf ears. They listened and amongst all other programs that they are simultaneously handling now the customer was again listened to. The CEO, Bob Collymore, says that they have received many complaints that customers data is being depleted very first he added that they are all committed to delivering not only a transparent but also a user-friendly service.

This will come with a notification to customers in case of abnormal data spikes which have been seen to occur during auto-updates. Additionally, they have promised to reimburse customers whose data is mysteriously depleted as per the reports they have been receiving.

Furthermore, after the recent incidents of Sim-Swap Fraud, the corporate is now exploring the use of both finger and facial recognition in a bid to complement their recently introduced voice recognition feature. Curbing fraud is a menace and it mostly taints any good brand image and therefore to further mitigate the risks involved in cases of a Sim-swap, mobile money services will be suspended for some time just in case it was fraudulent then the fraudsters will be denied access to their customer’s funds. This shows their dedication to fighting these crimes to the best of their capabilities.

It was also during this AGM held at the Bomas of Kenya that shareholders voted in favour of The Directors’ Remuneration Policy contained in the Director’s Remuneration for the year ended 31st March 2018.


The strategic move on new data packages is definitely going to be symbiotic as the customers will now not be looking for cheaper alternatives for their data whilst using Safaricom for their mobile money services only as has been the trend with some people. The penetration of mobile and internet into the Kenyan economy has the immense contributions of Safaricom in it and it looks like they have no plans to stop anytime soon.



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