Social Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts Of Sharing A Bathroom

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It’s inevitable to share a bathroom whether it’s at work, at home or visiting places. Yet, a bathroom is like a sanctuary. It’s where we clean ourselves and it demands a high standard of cleanliness. So, next time you find yourself sharing a bathroom (toilet included), these are some do’s and don’ts to ensure it’s hygienic and everyone is happy.


  1. Clean your mess

This goes beyond flashing the toilet. Take time to wipe the seat after use, clean the sink and mirror after brushing your teeth and leave the floor as less wet as possible after taking a shower. Apart from keeping the bathroom clean, this makes it more presentable for the next person which avoids unnecessary arguments.

  1. Be Courteous

For bathrooms in a public setting, exercise manners. Give the user their privacy and be discreet about any noises or smells. It’s a normal bodily function that everybody does and there’s no need to make it awkward. If a person has overstayed, simply knock to alert them of your presence. Yelling or banging at the door is crude and doesn’t solve anything.

  1. Stock The Toilet Paper

Some things we take for granted are so important. In a shared bathroom anyone can re-stock the toilet paper. Keep a few rolls in a cabinet near reach in case a guest needs extra. If you use the last pieces, put a new roll on the tissue holder and dispose of any garbage appropriately.

  1. Use Air Freshener

Don’t be embarrassed to mask off the smell. In fact, it’s more embarrassing when you stink up the whole house. Make sure you spray air freshener before and after using the bathroom. If you have bowel problems, alert the other people so they can move away if necessary.


  1. Use someone else’s Suppliers

Unless you have exclusive permission, don’t use things that aren’t meant for the sharing. My friend once told me how she had expensive body wash in her bathroom and invited a group of girls for a sleepover who then used this body wash instead of using regular soap. It’s annoying and in some cases, it’s unhygienic.


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  1. Stay Too Long

Other people want to use the bathroom, so, make it short and sweet. Long showers not only inconvenience the other person, they also run up a huge electricity bill. Take short showers especially if you’re not paying the bill.

  1. Hog The Mirror

When you’re using a public bathroom, this isn’t the time to do your whole make up routine. If you really, have to do your makeup, stand in a way that other people can use the facilities as well. However, touching up your makeup is okay.

  1. Chit-chat

This is a habit I’ve noticed with so many people in public bathrooms when they come in with a friend. There’s nothing so important that can’t wait a few minutes until you leave the bathroom. It’s also not very hygienic to talk in such a place.

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