Fashion: 5 Tips To Dress For A Last Minute Formal Event

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Dressing formally is hard enough even with months of preparation prior to the event. We still find ourselves stuck till the last minute. Though it’s not okay to wait for the last minute, circumstances get the best of us. Whether your invitation got lost in the mail or you’re a last minute shopper, here are tips to create a red-carpet-ready look.

  1. Look In Your Closet

Formal wear is expensive and if you attend many black tie events, shopping for a new dress each time becomes a problem. I know there are rules on repeating a formal look. However, just like any rule, you can bend it. Adding a few new pieces (like a coat or a belt) to the look creates the illusion of a whole new outfit. Check out this Vogue Editor’s View On Re-wearing Your Party Dress.

  1. Shop Online

There are plenty of online stores that have same day delivery. Check on Instagram or Facebook for such stores and shop away. Remember the Do’s and Don’ts of Online Shopping. Keep in mind that same day delivery only works if you’re within a certain distance from the area of operation and if you order within working hours.

  1. Keep It Simple

Don’t overthink the outfit. Sometimes, less is more. You might not land on the Best Dressed list but at least, you’ll be well-dressed for the occasion. Follow simple guides for formal dressing like don’t wear white or red to a wedding and you’re good to go. When all else fails, wear black. A little black dress steals the show every time and a black tuxedo looks chic. Fashion: Different Ways You Can Glam Up Your Little Black Dress


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  1. Stick To What You Know

It’s said that everybody has a uniform. You know that one clothing item that you always wear. For me, it’s a fitted jacket. Sometimes, we like to step out of this comfort zone and try something new. While there are places and time to experiment, a last-minute event isn’t one of them.

Go for a look that always works for you come rain or shine whether it’s a jumpsuit or a maxi dress. You also save time while shopping since you already know what you want. You can change the look a bit by trying different colours or designs.

  1. Accessorize

Make a plain outfit pop by accessorizing with makeup, jewellery, shoes or a bag that stand out. Accessories are the arms and legs of an outfit. They make a look function and shape an outfit. Therefore, one wrong accessory can throw off an entire outfit. Ageless Fashion: You’ll Never Go Wrong With These Accessories


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There are certain must-have accessories that complement any look. Invest in these and you’re safe in case of any future last-minute formal event invitations. Accessories are also timeless pieces that you can wear repeatedly year in year out.

Next time you find yourself in a dilemma of what to wear to a formal event, instead of cancelling and missing out, try these tips and see how it goes.

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