Food Review: Breakfast At Café Deli, Moi Avenue

Pancakes and lemon tea at Cafe Deli

On a chilly Thursday morning, I made my way to Nairobi’s CBD hoping to get a hearty breakfast before the day’s start. I was pleased to find Café Deli open at that time so I went in and settled in the café with a few other diners. I ordered a cup of lemon tea and strawberry & chocolate pancake.

The lemon tea was as refreshing as it sounds. It came with honey for sweetening. I liked that instead of sugar they offered honey which is a healthier alternative. The tea came very hot to effectively fight off the Nairobi cold we’ve been buried in lately.

This beverage is more than just a hot drink. The citrus smell clears up blocked airways helping you breathe better and it’s a delicious way to get your daily shot of Vitamin C. It has a good kick to charge you up when you’re feeling gloomy. For all this, it will only cost you Ksh 130.

Pancakes and lemon tea at Cafe Deli

After a little while, a heavenly plate of Strawberries and chocolate pancakes was placed before me. The combination was both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Topped off with honey and you’ll be licking the plate after it’s over. If you’re wondering whether the strawberries were fresh, they were. They were sweet as well and came in generous portions.

If you like fluffy pancakes, then you have to try the pancakes at Café Deli. You’re in for a treat. The ingredients are well-balanced and they’re prepared to perfection. Again, they did not add sugar in the pancakes and instead provided a small serving of honey to add sweetness.

For this order, you get two medium-sized pancakes with a layer of chocolate and strawberries on each. It is quite filling and you definitely get value for your money. Speaking of, the pancakes go for a pocket-friendly price of Ksh 170 which I think is very reasonable for what you’re getting.

In total, the meal cost Ksh 300, a pretty standard price for breakfast in most restaurants in Nairobi. Additionally, the breakfast was well-prepared and you spend almost no time waiting for it.

All in all, I was happy with my breakfast and will be going back to try more on their breakfast menu. I especially liked that they open quite early for the early risers (myself not included). It’s a great place for morning meetings or a breakfast date and they have a great variety of breakfast dishes to choose from including fruits, fresh juices and cakes.

I give the meal a 9 out of 10. Everything was great. The meal was nice and hot. They were generous with the serving and you feel comfortable having the food. I would recommend you to try the quick, convenient breakfast at Café Deli. They open early, service is great and have amazing pancakes. They also have amazing cakes that you’ll love.

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