The Singlehood Series: My Date Took Me To A Strip Club

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I’d been in relationships since I was fifteen but it was only until I turned 21 that I got seriously involved with a man. I dated my last boyfriend, Fred, for the past three years before I found out he cheated on me days after he proposed to me. If I’m being completely honest, that destroyed me. He was the second man I’ve dated and the only man I’ve ever slept with. Since we broke up, I felt a sudden emptiness like never before. This was exactly what I knew would happen when I gave away my virginity.

“I think I need a vacation,” I told my friend on the other end of the line.

“Weren’t you in Zanzibar like a month ago, after you broke up with Fred?”

“Yea, so? I want to go somewhere else. Far away. Somewhere like London or Italy.”

The idea didn’t surprise her. Overseas trips were a common thing for me and she was always my partner in crime when such opportunities came along. The only difference was that I mostly travel to work and she travels to take Instagram pictures.

Lila is wild. Sometimes, I wonder how we became friends and how we get along so well. We’re nothing alike. We met at the university on registration day and we’ve remained close since then. After school, we chose two very different paths that somehow, always collide. I put blood, sweat and tears into my career so it was only right that it paid off. For her, being an Instagram model and influencer works. She knows how to work those angles and get great lighting.

“You don’t need another vacation. What you need is good food, an expensive bottle of tequila and great sex. I have…”

I must have zoned out after she said the S-word.

“Okay, bye.” I cut her off then hang up.

The day went on as usual. I got off work and met up with Lila who insisted on buying drinks. I knew she was up to something immediately she offered to take me out but I agreed anyway since I was feeling extra lonely that day.

“Guess what?” She started with a bright smile on her face. I don’t know if it was my post-breakup emotions but I genuinely felt happy meeting her.


“I have the perfect guy for you. He’s tall, muscular and a great listener just the way you like them.”

“I’m not going on another date. End of discussion.” I said firmly.

“Too late. He’s on his way.”

“What? You’re crazy and I’m leaving.” I picked up my bag ready to leave then I remembered how happy I felt just sitting with Lila. How bad could it be? “Okay, I’ll meet him but you have to stay.”

“Fine. Let me call Martin.”

Martin was the man who puts up with Lila’s craziness. He was also a mutual friend of Fred’s so I wasn’t very excited about how things were going.

“Relax. It’s going to be fine.” She said when she noticed me fidgeting with my cocktail straw. “Eddie is really fun.”

Lila was right about Eddie. He was perfect and so charming. He could literally finesse his way through life. We talked in between shots and got to know each other a bit better. He made sure that I was comfortable, cracked a few jokes then madness followed.

“So, what do you guys say we turn this up another notch,” Eddie said looking around our intimate table.

“Yeeeaaah!” I was totally drunk on my fourth mojito and I was ready to party all night. To be honest, I was having the time of my life. I barely went out so this was a fairly new experience for me.

“What do you say we go to XS Millionaires?” he added.

I knew it was a strip club. I don’t live under a rock.

“For real?” My common sense was still intact, though.

“Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.” He said casually.

“Isn’t that like a strip club?” Lila asked.

“Well, not really…” He said

Before anyone said anything else I answered, “Okay. Let’s go. I’ve never been there actually.”

We got into the car and headed to XS. No one could keep calm. Not even Martin who apparently has been to a strip club before. I think it was everyone’s first time except Eddie. I didn’t know what went on and I didn’t like looking confused so I took one for the team and asked what everyone was thinking.

“How do you tip them?” I asked innocently.

The rest burst out laughing but I know they were just as curious as I was.

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to tip them.” Eddie replied casually with a deep voice.

We got there pretty fast or maybe I wasn’t completely prepared for it. I was pretty nervous but when I saw it was an ordinary club like any other I relaxed a bit. Honestly, I thought it would be like those strip clubs in American movies. It was pretty nice inside, though.

Eddie greeted the bouncers and we were welcomed by a line of waitresses, eager to attend to us.

“This must be his local,” I whispered to Lila who chuckled.

On the stage, a barely clothed girl in a hot pink bikini danced to hype music. She gyrated her body and climbed on that pole like it was nothing. I found myself flinching at first but it was surprisingly good. I didn’t mind that a half-naked woman was dancing in front of me suggestively.

“We’re in a strip club!!” I screeched at Lila.

Everything went surprisingly alright and we all had a great time. This really got me thinking how much I could have missed out on if I agreed to marry Fred. I got out of my comfort zone and saw a lot that I never thought I’d be okay with. And I mean A LOT! I would say my first time at a strip club was amazing.

I still keep in touch with Eddie and he’s always up to show me a good time. He’s become a really good friend of mine and maybe he’ll be more in the future. As for now, I’m on an indefinite break from relationships to find out who I truly am. I’m glad that I took a chance that day, met someone different from who I was used to dating and discovered something new about myself, and in general. Strip clubs aren’t that bad.


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