Parenting: Teach Your Children To Be Creative Thinkers While You Still Can


Times are changing no more, they have changed. There was a time when all parents needed was to have a kid who would learn the alphabetical charts quickly, get their mathematical skills and maybe reading. For some of us who grew up in the countryside, add some little language skills.

Well, even as much as they are still important, for now, the world needs more than good academic skills. Firms are not just looking to hire professionals who are all class work but also a demonstrated ability to solve problems in a unique and different way. That happens to be creativity.


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As long as you are looking to raise successful kids who will thrive in this ever-changing world, then you don’t have an option but to raise them as creative thinkers.

These are some of the activities that will spur your kid’s creativity.

1. Games

Picking the type of games, a kid engages in is one of the hardest decisions most parents are facing today. You don’t know if spending a lot of time playing video games is good for them.

Well, you don’t have to sweat it out. Make sure that they don’t only play simple games like snakes and ladders, but instead give them time to venture into fantasy and escapades. This means that it is worthwhile investing in video games and consoles.

You can also play with them from to time while allowing yourself to be a pawn through the game while you let them take lead.

2. Ask Thought Provoking Questions

Kids are generally curious. They always have questions. You need to refrain from giving answers instead give a rebuttal questions that will get them thinking. When a kid asks about why it rains. You can go ahead to ask them how the rain is formed. It will be a learning and engaging time for the kid.

3. Role Playing

You need to encourage your child to act out scenes from the different daily experiences. You can even go ahead and buy costumes for the characters they are playing out. This will help them understand their environment and others better.

You can build on role-playing by taking nature walks while having a notebook. This will improve their observation skills.

3. Photography and storytelling

You need to let your kids learn how to tell stories using pictures at a young age. Buy them gadgets they can use to take pictures and teach them basic photographic skills like positioning, angling and framing.

Encourage them to write stories about some of the photographs they took.

4. Be creative

Kids learn a lot by watching your actions as the parents. This is to say that you need to employ creativity in your daily activities to give them a benchmark to follow. One of the ways to be creative is by using a single product for different purposes.

Creative thinking ability is one of the best gifts and assets you will ever give your child. Go ahead, do it when you still have the time. As the good old book says, teach the kids in the good ways and they will never depart from it. Here are some additional things you can do – Five ways to make your child a creative genius.

A healthy child is able to think and move around faster. Here is How To Get Your Children To Eat Healthy

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