5 Fun Hairstyles You Should Try For The Hot Weather

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The hot season is the perfect time to give weaves a break and try something new with your hair. There’s nothing that sends you to the hairdresser faster than itchy, smelly hair. So, to avoid all that, choose one of these fun hairstyles that are just as chic as a Brazilian weave.

  1. Snap clips

Plain hair is boring and can a downer to a really good outfit. If you’re keen on hair trends, you’ll notice these 90’s snap clips are back and they are still as edgy, fun and cool. These hair accessories come in all kinds of colours and designs. It’s amazing how much difference one clip can do. You can wear one or multiple clips but stick to one design if you’re going to wear several of them.

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  1. Rapunzel Braids

As always, the longer the better. These two or three braided lines that are lengthened to your preference are a simple but chic way to give your hair a break from weaves. They’re perfect for a casual, everyday look. The idea is to create a rugged look, therefore, the more imperfect the better. The best part is since they’re quick to braid, you can change them as soon as they start to come off.

Black girls spotting Rapunzel Braids Image from http://www.the-hairstylist.com/braided-hairstyles-for-black-women/
  1. Slick Topknot

The good thing about a topknot is it never gets old. It’s one of the few hairstyles that are self-sufficient and look good on an occasion. The reason topknots are so good during hot days is that it gets the hair off your back and face.

They are pretty, classic and easy since all you need is to put your hair up and twist it around into a bun. However, for a slick topknot, you’ll need more products and tools. Sleek your edges with gel and a toothbrush for a perfect, polished look.

Slick topknot hairstyle Image from https://www.pinterest.com/faery4ever/art-eyes-and-beauty-hair/
  1. Frizz & Shine

Just like all hot weather hairstyles, the idea is to keep it simple. The Frizz & Shine (as I call it) is the most basic hairstyle you can try if you have naturally curly hair. Simply wash your hair preferably with a curl activating shampoo. For me, I use Mizani Moisture Replenish Shampoo but you can also try local products available such as Marini and Mikalla. After washing, let your hair air dry while fluffing it up to create fuller hair. You can also use curling gel if you’re going for a wet look.

Natural African frizzy hair Image from https://bit.ly/2Or4nSV
  1. Cut It

“There’s no better time to try a minimal effort style.” Says one Harper’s Bazaar Writer on their article Easy Summer Hairstyles For Hot Days. I couldn’t agree more. The hot season is an opportunity to experiment with hairstyles that you wouldn’t be able to pull off during the cold. Big chops are popular now with more women in Hollywood spotting a short hairstyle. There are also convenient for hot weather since they’re airy leaving feeling fresh all day long. If you’re feeling adventurous and daring, here are 31 Best Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

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Here Are Different Styles You Can Try With Natural Hair

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