Fashion: 10 Great Outfits For A Casual Date

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Casual dates are tricky since they mostly happen during that period when you’re getting to know each other. Therefore, the dilemma of how much effort you should put in starts with what to wear. If you’ve found yourself newly single and ready to mingle but you’re having a hard time finding the right outfit for a casual date, here are some 10 outfit ideas to get you started.

  1. Boyfriend/mom jeans

There’s a rule about wearing denim on a date but since this is a casual date, most rules don’t apply. Styled with an eye-catching pair of heels, this look is sure to impress your date.

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  1. Sun Dress

Sundresses are a perfect outfit for a brunch or coffee date. They are flattering and girly but not too dressy for a casual date. You can also wear them with a blazer if you’re going for a more sophisticated look.

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  1. Fitted skirt with a T-shirt

Show some curves in a figure-hugging skirt and a plain t-shirt either tucked into the skirt or tied into a crop top. Personally, I prefer tying my T-shirt since it accentuates my waist even more. This look can be worn with heels or flats.

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  1. Wide-legged/Palazzo pants

These bohemian-style pants have become an unusual trendy fashion piece in 2018. At first sight, they seem too flamboyant and something most people wouldn’t go for. However, palazzo pants are popular for a reason. Not only are they a statement piece, but they’re also easy to style and look like Blake Lively. Check out this 8 Really Trendy Ways To Style Palazzo Pants.

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  1. Leather leggings and a blouse/camisole

Leather leggings look cool, fit so well and are perfect for a casual night in town. Worn with a printed camisole, this look takes the award for the best casual date outfit. Add a leather clutch bag and you’re all set to kill your date (not literally).

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  1. Pleated maxi skirt

A pleated maxi skirt is a simple, elegant and effortless piece that takes you from the office to your date. This one is good for a casual dinner date or drinks. Wear it with a printed shirt, polka dot blouse, off shoulder top, turtleneck or sweater top.

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  1. Oversized sweater

Men have a weird fetish of seeing women in oversized sweaters admitted one man in this Thought Catalog article about the perfect thing a woman would wear on a first date. Oversized sweaters pair well with black stockings or skinny jeans. Additionally, they are the perfect blend of chic and comfortable.

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  1. High slit skirt

You can bring your sexy on a casual date with a high slit skirt. However, keep the rest of the outfit simple. The look can be overwhelming if you try to over-accessorize. These high slit skirts are eye-catching enough.

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  1. Floral romper and a sling bag

If you want to go for that leggy and daring look, then a romper is just for you. Break the monotony with a chic sling bag and finish with a blazer. This outfit is great for a weekend lunch. It’s both comfortable and flirty. However, if you’re not comfortable with showing that much skin, you can wear dark stockings underneath or thigh high boots.

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  1. Little Black Dress

Lastly, the little black dress seems like a safe outfit but you can still stand out in it. Go for different prints like lace or chiffon that aren’t as formal. There are also a variety of designs like bodycon, skater and strapless.

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