Mayura Restaurant’s Friday Tandoori BBQ Night: A Unique Taste Of India For Kenya’s Meat Lovers

A table at Mayura Restaurant Image courtesy of Mayura

The Mayura Restaurant, located in Westlands, is home to one of the best Indian cuisines. They recently opened Tandoori BBQ Night every Friday from 7 pm onwards. This is to celebrate Kenyans’ deep love for meat, especially grilled and roasted meat.

Mayura means peacock which is a special bird in the Indian culture that symbolizes beauty and grace. Similarly, the restaurant named Tandoori BBQ Night after the tandoor, a clay oven used to cook different Indian foods. The Tandoor is another integral part of the Indian culture.

The intention of Tandoori BBQ Night was not only to offer tasty dishes but also to introduce unique foods that Kenyans will fall in love with. And that they did.

The meats on the BBQ Night menu are marinated in Indian spices overnight to give them that rich and flavourful taste. It is then slow cooked in a clay oven. The result is a mouth-watering dish that makes you go back for more.


BBQ meat on Tandoori night image courtesy of Mayura Restaurant


The starters include servings of mushroom, mutton and chicken marinated in different spices. These, served with a variety of sauces such as mint sauce and tamarind sauce (which I personally loved), creates a perfect blend of sweet and savoury flavours. They also have delicious naan bread, cooked in the clay oven, and salads.


Starters – Tandoori BBQ Night

Some of the best-selling items on the menu include Banno Kebab which is chunks of chicken barbeque with the chef’s special egg and herb coating goes for Ksh 1300. The Dahi Ke Sholey, a hung curd Tikki marinated in Indian spices goes for Ksh 950. The Classic Butter Chicken costs Ksh 1300 and the Mutton Rogan josh Kashmiri slow cooked lamb with Kashmiri herbs and spices goes for Ksh 1300.


Tandoori BBQ chicken image courtesy of Mayura Restaurant


Additionally, they offer a buffet menu which includes some of these food items and costs Ksh 1900. For the Vegetarian menu, you can enjoy an equally tasty variety of dishes for Kshs 1500.

This method of cooking is healthy as well. They do not add any cooking fat to the meals since all the cooking happens in the clay oven. Regardless, the food exceeded my expectation and will probably exceed yours too. The meats are tender and cooked perfectly. For me, I had no complaints about the food. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite and I’m looking forward to more dining experiences at the restaurant.


Mayura Restaurant image Courtesy of Mayura

The smooth service on their opening night and happy diners all night indicated a well thought out and executed concept. They gave us a glimpse of India’s food culture and excite our taste buds with the delicious dishes. Moreover, Tandoori BBQ Night offers a place where you can enjoy great Indian dishes with family and friends.

If you’re looking for new Friday night plans, I suggest you check out Mayura Restaurant and get a taste of what exactly I’m talking about.

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